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Lenco electric trim tab malfunction

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  • Lenco electric trim tab malfunction

    One trim tab stopped working; I verified it wasn't the connections in the line. A mechanic doing otehr work said he checked it and it was a bad switch. Installed a new switch and control pad, same problem one works and one doesn't.
    However when first I hit the "broken" side's button I got a second of sound--then nothing, like before. Normally I'd think fuse, but one fuse controls it all.
    I get power to the wire to the broken controller when I hit "up" but not "down." That in itself is wierd but I don't know how reversible motors work.

    So I wasted $100 on parts, removed a good switch rig, cut and spliced wires and spent an hour of time on bad advice. Before I go buy an actuator, does anyone know how, and if it's worth it, to take it apart?

    Oh, to add to the PITA, the boat stays in the water and this tab is surrounded by the swim ladder. So if I have to get the trailer out of storage and pull it up, I can but owuld rather not if there's a fix.

    Monday i yell at the mechanic and politely inquire of the Lenco help line.

    Thanks, all!
    A man of constant boat tinkering.

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    Re: Lenco electric trim tab malfunction

    Welcome to the world of Lenco tabs.

    Water the electric motors don't mix. About half the people I know who run Lencos have replaced at least one motor.
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      Re: Lenco electric trim tab malfunction

      research elsewhere says you're right. I may take a shot at opening the top of the actuator ansd see if anythnig looks amiss.
      First, per Lenco troubleshooting, I'm going to hook a tester into the wires to the unit and hit the switch to see if any power is getting to it. If it is, it's the actuator.

      Unfortunately, there's nothing on my repair ticket from when the certified Yam mechanic at a reputable boat repair facility "tested" the switch and found it faulty. No charge for the diagnostic, either. next time....
      A man of constant boat tinkering.


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        Re: Lenco electric trim tab malfunction

        i have found that the lenco actuators go out more often than the contol panel. the only time the panels seem to go out is if water is getting behind the dash. the little tiny pins in the plug get corrosion and weird things happen.