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1978 Silerline Hilo 16VBR I/O

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  • 1978 Silerline Hilo 16VBR I/O

    Looking at a used family boat, 1978 Silverline 16' with 120 merc. Were these a good boat? Are there any problems with the 120 merc. I just need enough power to pull a kid skiing or tubing, and do some fishing. I will have to pay $3000 Canadain for boat and trailer, as we have a limited supply, and a strong economy. Hull seems good, interior will need work but is usable.
    Any previous owners stories and merc 120 coments would be great. I seen it before the snow last fall as well.
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    Re: 1978 Silerline Hilo 16VBR I/O

    I hate to be doom and gloom......but 90% chance that boat is rotted to the core requiring a total rebuild.
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      Re: 1978 Silerline Hilo 16VBR I/O

      I hate to be doom and gloom......but 90% chance that boat is rotted to the core requiring a total rebuild.
      Ayuh,... The 120hp will be marginal, at Best for what you want to do,...
      And,... $3000.00 is about Twice what it's worth....
      Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......


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        Re: 1978 Silerline Hilo 16VBR I/O

        This former Saskatchewanian can't help but look out for another. How 'bout them Riders! Although I'm now on the coast, I went through the boat learning and buying about 5 years ago. Learned lots and came away happy. Do NOT restrict your search to Canada, our dollar is in decent shape and importing a boat, especially an older model, is a piece of cake. Spend the next month or two researching, especially on this forum, and searching online for an appropriate boat. The owner of the Silverline would seem to have his own ideas and strategies for winterization, but the potential for damage to the motor and hull will make your head spin and wallet empty, read up on cracked blocks and rotten stringers. If you're handy and/or mechanically inclined, you have a huge advantage, you can spot and polish a rough diamond. Boats aren't usually as steady as the family car, so choose carefully and Good Luck!