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fuel line, vent hose

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  • fuel line, vent hose

    is there a valve in the vent line that stops stuf from going into the gas tank. does air flow freely ? Here the thing when i was out the other day the boat ran good . but on the way in i could not get the prime bulb to stay hard. so it seemed as if i was out of gas . I took the acksess panle off and that air vent hose does not flow freely is there a fillter on the vent line?

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    Re: fuel line, vent hose

    First of all Welcome to Iboats!! It really does help if you could give us more info on what kind of boat you have if any one can help you, different set ups for different boats.

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      Re: fuel line, vent hose

      Originally posted by pminns2600 View Post
      i could not get the prime bulb to stay hard. so it seemed as if i was out of gas .
      was i running poorly?

      also why would it be hard? the fuel is flowing through it, there is no pressure in that part of the line unless you are pumping it. the pressure is between the pump and the float (or needle and seat to be more accurate).
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        Re: fuel line, vent hose

        generally, the vent line is 5/8 ID and there is a screen on the outside thru-hull fitting. If the screen corrodes, it can block the venting. Some people (environmentally friendly) Install an after market stop valve in the line to keep from spilling fuel out when the tank is filled. Occasionally the internal valve can stick.

        It is also possible that there is an internal screen on the tank pick-up. this may have varnished. So to check that you must unscrew the pick-up tube. If it is welded to the tank, there is no internal screen.

        It is also possible that you just have crud in the tank partially blocking the pick-up-- hope you have an access hole to check that.