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v hull, jon boat, which?

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  • v hull, jon boat, which?

    i am thinking about a new boat. what are the pros and cons of these 2? iam getting on up there in age and now safety is a big issue. i would like a little more freeboard and a dryer run. i fish the southeast for bass. i prefer an aluminum with a tiller ob. 16 ft and as wide as possible. low weght to tow, something that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to use 25 hp or smaller. i am currently fishing out of a 1444 g3, set up with decks and tms, 9.8 ob.iam just starting my research and would appreciate any opinions out there. thanks , i know i can count on this forum for advice

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    Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

    I have been shopping War Eagle aluminum boats...

    they are all welded (versus a riveted construction), use a slide lock rail system, so you can add all kinds of accesories, and seem fairly priced for the style of boat...

    One of the local dealers here, has a 2008 overstock, brand new, never titled, with an 18hp yamaha tiller, and trailer for 3295.00 ish (cant remember exactly)...

    Not sure how much that helps you, but a brand to look into. I was impressed by them.

    Good luck in your search

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      Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

      First, are you fishing river or lake? That makes a BIG difference in whether a V or flat. The V will give you a better ride on lakes when you need to cut the waves. The flat will be considerably rougher on the waves, but gives you the stability you need in river current.
      You have not listed my personal favorite, kind of the best of both worlds boat.
      Flat bottom with coast gaurd front end (Modified-V). A better ride in chop, stability for moving and standing. And since you said you bass fish, I assume you are standing and wanting a trolling motor. Look at the G3 line of boats. In my own opinion, the best aluminum boat on the market. They have models ranging from panfish setups and size to decked out 19 footer.

      I swore I would never have a flat bottom boat until I fished from one. But I missed the ride that the V gave me. I had been looking for a different fishing boat for a while and after I saw these, I quit looking. But to each his own.
      Good Luck and good fishin'
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        Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

        Sounds like you're looking for a hybrid, or modified V as suggested.

        44" width is not much width water surface, and I'd suggest at least 54".
        In a 16' boat, there's quite a few to look at.

        Between the V and a jon, I'd go with a jon for fishing.



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          Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

          I would be more partial to a v-hull or semi v-hull if you want more freeboard. If you are looking at compromise, a modified v is attractive. But as people said, depends on what type of water you are fishing. I don't like flat bottom jon boats because of the low freeboard and pounding. But I generally fish lakes where a good wind can create a lot of chop.

          Also, how light are you looking at? If you're looking at less than 2000 lbs gross tow weight (including trailer), then there are a number of choices out there. If you are looking at less than 1000 lbs gross tow weight, choices become fewer in the 16 foot range in're looking at more of standard fishing boats with bench seats.


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            Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

            Cool that you are in a position to buy new..
            But have you thought of a used 14 to 16 foot Starcraft with a 25 horse tiller?
            With the money you save...You can customize her any way you want...

            Just tossing it out there...

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              Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

              i am in the very early stages of research. it took me 4 yrs to buy a ob.i fish lakes, some rivers. 2000 lb tow limit, 1500 would be better. wide bottom boat. the problems seems to be that if u go with a 16 fter, it would be underpowered with a 25 hp. some of the utility boats i have researched seem to be lighter than some of the jons. i would like the rear bench to be split to operate the tiller.lowes 1667wt seems almost perfect, any opinions on it?thanks again. this will be a long process, iam approaching my retirement and would like something i can handle as i get older.


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                Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

                The lowe looks like a nice boat. I've seen them at a local cabella's and they look sturdy and well made. Another option would be to look at the lund wc16dlx. It weighs in at about 425 dry and with motor and trailer, it definitely will be under 1500 lbs and even under 1000 lbs. The dlx has a wider beam at 72 inches, so the floor will be equivalent if not wider than the lowe. It's also an open layout and not merely a "walk through." The lund also has a small casting deck which by the looks of it, you might be able to customize and extend it...would be good for bass fishing. I personally own a 1976 14' lund and absolutely love it. I am sure the wc16dlx is just as well built and even more stable. The lund's hp rating is 30hp so it will match nice with a 25hp. the lowe has a tiller hp rating of 20hp. Both boats are comparable. It's a matter if you want a welded boat (lowe) or riveted (lund). Also, I'm uncertain of the cost of the guess you would be paying more, so cost may be a factor.


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                  Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

                  I fish mainly for bass and also do some inshore SW. I've learned over the years that I like the V hull for ride and the security of a little extra depth. I also like the open ( flat/trip free) floor plan of a bass style boat. This year I picked up a Mirrocraft 1615-0outfitter for use on a mix of rivers and open water. It's been a perfect fit. She's 16' x6' , WELL built, rides nice, does 30 MPH with 30 HP, comforting stable (even in rough water.) and affords me lots of open but dry/secure fishing room. The storage is better than most V hulls too. So far, I wouldn't change a thing. You might check it out for it's unique features and very reasonable price tag.

                  FWIW, I looked at the Lund 16DLX. IT was about $3800 and while a nice boat, not quite up to my needs. ( Shallower, lighter built, not as open/obstruction free.) I got the leftover 1615 for the same $ WITH the galvanized trailer.



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                    Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

                    I agree with thad. G3 makes great boats perfect for you. check out this line of boats


                    The lowe you are talking about is also nice. I have the smaller 1457 model so i imagine the 1667 would be perfect for you.


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                      Re: v hull, jon boat, which?

                      If I were looking into buying a boat, I personally would choose the mirrocraft or lund, but I fish in the upper midwest and fish open water for northerns, walleye, and crappie in lakes ranging from 100 acres to several thousand acres. Bass fishing for me would only be occasional.

                      But for your purposes it sounds like you mainly fish lakes and a few rivers. The lowe may actually be a good boat. Between the semi-v hull, the higher freeboard (than a john), the sharper deadrise (then a modified v), and the squared rear, it would be good for both lakes and the occasional river.