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Lund Serial Numbers

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  • Lund Serial Numbers

    Hello, new to Iboats and registered because I have a question about Lund boats and several of my google searches led me to Iboats.

    I just recently bought a 16' Lund (year unknown) with a 1972 18 hp Evinrude sitting on a 1981 trailer. The person I bought the boat from says that its a 1989 Lund.... he also said the motor was a 91, so either I was lied to or the guy knows jack about what he sold me. But for 900.00 for the works I wasn't to miffed about it. I just want to know the facts.

    The serial number on the Lund is 623923. Now a guy at my local marine store said that Lund serial numbers put the year of the boat at the end of the serial number. But that would put this rig at 1923 and I highly doubt its a 1923 Lund.

    Does anyone know of a website or perhaps have some information about this serial number that might be able to tell me the year and model of this boat?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks


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    Re: Lund Serial Numbers

    I just did a bit of digging and found that Howard Lund first built a Duck boat from aluminum in 1948 and about a year later Lund was in business. So to say the last two numbers of the serial number I posted are the year is simply impossible. Once again any help with that serial number would be great.


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      Re: Lund Serial Numbers

      hull ID numbers the last are the year, ususally. these were not required until 1972, you have a factory serial number, it is not what is considered a Hull ID number. your boat was built prior to 1972. Lund may have a list of the serial #'s.
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        Re: Lund Serial Numbers

        Hi thanks, Yes prior to posting this thread I contacted Lund via E-mail and got a response today. What I have is a 1969 Lund S-16.