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Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??

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  • Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??

    Anyone have any reviews,opinons on Cape Craft boats ??

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    Re: Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??

    Moving to Boat Topics and Questions
    Don S.

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      Re: Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??


      listed but no review at this time
      If a dirty bottom slows you down what do think it does to your BOAT

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        Re: Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??

        I acutally work at a dealer for these and prep them all the time. I tend to say they are underpowered in terms of numbers but the light weight they are makes up for it. They have a fairly dry ride and are pretty stable. I havent been in rough seas in one though so I cant comment on that ride. My only complaint is the deck is made of some plastic composite like material and holds dirt and stains easily.


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          Re: Reviews On Cape Craft Boats ??

          I bought a 17ft cape craft last year.(2006 model) it does ride pretty good and its dry. the only regret i have is that i should have got it with a 90hp engine. it's rated for a 90hp and i got a 70hp which will push it about 41 mph with just me in it.the bought feels pretty solid.it also comes with a lifetime stringer and transom warranty.