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hooking up aerator to livewell?

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  • hooking up aerator to livewell?

    I just purchased a 92 bass tracker last week.. prior to buying it the boat had a new live well installed..not everything is hooked up and i'm kind of new at this.. i have a rule 500 gph connected thru my hull but there is no tubing or anything from it it is just the unit it self.. my live well it self has a hole in the bottom (with a white tube that sticks up in the live well i guess an over flow?) that is tubed to hole on the bottom right side of the boat.. on the top back middle of the livewell there is a hole that is tubed to a hole on the top right side of my boat.. do i just need to drill another hole beside this one in my livewell and run a tube from my rule pump to it? Any advice or websites with installation instructions (or pics) would be very appreciated thanks!! this is probably a dumb rookie question but like i said i'm new at this

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    Re: hooking up aerator to livewell?

    There are several different livewell configurations but yours is the simplest and very effective. There is a plumbing error however. The hole in the bottom of the tank with the pipe (called a standpipe) is the drain and is properly plumbed. The standpipe can be cut off to provide whatever water depth you want. As the tank fills it reaches the top of the pipe and simply overflows out the drain. If you didn't use the standpipe, you could put a rubber live well plug in the drain and the drain at the top of the tank serves as an overflow out the side of the boat. So you have both scenarios covered. Normally the tanks are configured one way or the other -- not both. The livewell pump needs a line that runs to an aerator head at the top of the tank so yes -- you need to drill another hole for the fill/aerator head. While you are at it, replace the livewell pump on/off switch with a timer switch. It has two positions. Manual and Auto. In Manual mode the pump runs continuously (fill mode). In Auto -- the pump runs for 30 seconds or so and is off for three minutes or so. Some are adjustable. This keeps a constant supply of fresh water in the tank and keeps it aerated.


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      Re: hooking up aerator to livewell?

      the pump is connected to an on off switch on my console do i replace this switch with the timer or does this timer go in line with this switch? I"m not sure about the aerator head at the top of the tank do you have a link to one so i'm sure i get the right thing?


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        Re: hooking up aerator to livewell?

        The switch on the console is indeed replaced with the timer. Spray heads or aerators take many forms. Some are a tube with a series of holes along them. Others use a single adjustable spray nozzle. Here is a link to the iBoats offerings for spray heads and spray bars. They all do the same thing -- fill the tank and add air to at the same time. The one at the very top of the page is cheap and easy to install.


        Here is a livewell timer. I've used many of these and they work well. iBoats also has several others but they all function about the same.