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installing a boarding ladder

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  • installing a boarding ladder

    hello fellow fishmates, i own an 05 175 cs alumacraft navigator with a merc 90 2 stroke. i would like to install a boarding ladder, starboard side aft. is this as simple a project as drilling holes and screwing in the hardware? i am looking for the tricks of installment if any one has any. i am thinking of adding at least a 2 step ladder.

    fishns' great in NY upstate

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    Re: installing a boarding ladder

    - Measure twice, drill once!
    - If you can't attach thru a structural member, you've got to add a backing plate to every bolt location. 1/4" aluminium plate works well and should be a minimum of 4X the size of the hole.
    - Bed the mount using 3M 4200 or 5200, making sure to completely surround the hole. It's best to snug the bolts, then wait a day or two for the caulk to set before torquing them down.
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      Re: installing a boarding ladder

      Something like this? Sounds similar to an installation I made.

      It's a stainless two step that flips down when needed. Very simple and works very well. Installation wasn't too tough, but you MUST have access to the front of the transom where the four bolts attach the bracket, as it should be through-bolted. On this particular boat it was extremely tight quarters to get the washers and nuts on the two bolts nearest the side. Just measured carefully for a level installation, drilled, coated everything liberally with 3M 5200 and bolted up.
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        Re: installing a boarding ladder

        thanks for the pic jevery, our boats are similar. and your ladder looks like it will work for me. last year my wife and i went for a nice cruise up the st. lawerence river, i decided to stop and go for a swim, had a heck of a time gettin back in the boat.

        thanks again.


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          Re: installing a boarding ladder

          I've got a 14' jet boat. When we'd stop in the middle of a lake for swimming, it was difficult to get back in, just like you said.

          I cut some old snow shovel handles into 15" lengths and used them to make a rope ladder, with a loop high enough to loop over the tow ring on the back of the boat. No holes, nothing permanent. Yeah, it may not be the most stable when climbing back into the boat, but it works well for us. I made it a lot longer than I need to, but that's ok, too.


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            Re: installing a boarding ladder

            unless you are young, rope ladders will hurt you.
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