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7 ft. wide pontoons?

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  • 7 ft. wide pontoons?

    I would like to know if there are any owners of 7 ft. wide pontoons out there such as the Mellinger Gillgetter or others. I really like the 7 ft. wide concept. I posted a question previously on 8 ft. wide X 16 ft. long pontoons and received some great responses from some very nice folks. Most agreed that I would be happier with more boat such as an 18 or 20 footer or even longer. However, My main use will be fishing and will only have 2 people in the boat 99% of the time. I have looked at several different models in the 18-20 ft. range and they just seem to be monsters sitting up there on the trailer. Although I am sure that once a boat of this size is in the water, the extra room would be great but I just feel that an 18-20 ft. would be way too much boat for my needs? Am I just missing the point on deck size and selling myself short? (no pun intended) Is there that much difference in one foot of deck width or length? I would like to know how well these 7 ft. wide boats handle on the road as far as towing on long trips as well as how well they handle in the water? I am just a simple crappie fisherman looking for a boat with more room to fish out of. I have had several boats in the past. From fast and fancy bass boats to the little 14 ft. alum semi v I have now but from my stupid questions, it is clear I have never owned a pontoon. I have seen pontoons out on the water and have always thought, Now that would be great to fish from. My main reason for looking for another boat is due to my bad back which severly limits my ability to be comfortable in my present boat. So, I am looking for the best fit for my situation.I really think this site is great and I have enjoyed reading the posts. Thanks to all who respond!

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    Re: 7 ft. wide pontoons?

    Hi Again, ZertisThat little 716 Model looks like just the ticket. 16' with a weight of only 1050#. Easy to tow, enough room for 8 people and set up for fishin'. Put a little 25-35 HP on the back and a trolling motor in the front and go have fun. I really think it's the way to go for what you need. Should handle fine on the road. 7' wide is still a wide boat no matter how you look at it. Good Luck,

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      Re: 7 ft. wide pontoons?

      A 16 X 7 would be a nice little rig.Just keep in mind its easier to deal with a boat that is a little big than one that is a little small