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Boat weights??????

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  • Boat weights??????

    Trying to develop an opinion on different boat manufacturers. Whats up with the published weight of a boat? some manufacturers (very few) are very clear about wether or not the weight of a standard engine is included. Some make no mention of the engine being included.

    Many say "dry weight" which I assume means no fuel and no gear but am I to assume it includes and engine or not?
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    Re: Boat weights??????

    the way i get it is that i/os are weight w/ engine. ob boats are w/o engine......both w/o fuel or anything onboard....dry.....though i don't know that as a fact...........
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      Re: Boat weights??????

      Ziggy is right. Though it gets tricky with builders who build both OB and I/O models. I have seen such builders give I/O boat weights so light that they obviously did not include the motor and drive.

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        Re: Boat weights??????

        your best shot is to contact manufacture. They all list in there own way. Some ob man. include the max outboard weight also. Ziggy and Kcool are right on though, most i/o the include motor, it's hit or miss on ob.
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          Re: Boat weights??????

          I agree! That is one of the reasons why I was so impressed when I found the Stingray boats link with its detailed tables -- really helpful for those of us buying a used boat.

          Other than that, I relied on the weights on the Nada Values website.
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