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Drain plug, inside or outside?

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  • Drain plug, inside or outside?

    Stupid question but...

    I recently purchased a used 1988 Starcraft 19' w/ 5.0L and Alpha one. Since I have not put it in the water yet and the plug was out when I got the boat, which way to install? I tried but because of the engine I could not get to the drain hole from the inside of the boat, not even close. Does it just go on the outside with the paddle facing up against the transom?


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    Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

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      Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

      Give it a few twists on the way in. It has a small screwing mechanism that allows it to swell slightly. If I don't do this on mine it will fall out after I've been running her hard.
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        Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

        Ditch the paddle style plug and replace it with a brass plug with a "T" style handle. Insert the plug and twist the "T" to tighten it. Look at it this way, water outside the boat is exerting pressure from the outside in -- so it follows that same water pressure is attempting to force the plug inward which is a good thing. At speed the plug is out of the water.

        On small row boats where the plug is easy to reach it is common practice to insert if from the inside. This allows one to get on plane, pull the plug, and have the boat self-bail and water.


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          Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?





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            Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

            I agree with ditching the lever style plug. Those are for putting in from the inside. The lever can get moved from water pressure or other forces on the outside even if you position the lever above the bottom of the hull. On my previous boat I could reach the hole easily from the inside. On this boat I cannot reach it from the inside, and used a lever type plug...UNTIL one time I went around to take it out and the lever was straight out, kind of spooky. I switched to the t-type plugs and have not looked back. I have several of the t-types around now, two in the boat and 2 in the truck. I did keep the lever style, it is in the boat as well for emergencies.
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              Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

              Gary, A lot of the I/Os have a brass screw in Garboard style bilge plug. You can be sure the plug will not unscrew, with this type. I recommend you retrofit the old friction plug, wit the screw in type.


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                I got an old Whaler, had a bad drain tube. Was going to be a major beeyotchie to replace with OEM, so I got schmartt, and whacked a 3/4" pvc tube in there. Then, took a 3/4-1/2" threaded reducing bushing, glued that in, and "plugged" the drain tube with a 1/2" threaded bung. After all, why in the world do we ever NEED a one-frikkin'-inch HOLE below the water line, just waiting to leak?? The drain holes purpose is, by definition, simply to DRAIN the boat, and 1/2" will do that just fine, thank you berry mush.



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                  Re: Drain plug, inside or outside?

                  Originally posted by Silvertip View Post
                  Ditch the paddle style plug and replace it with a brass plug with a "T" style handle. Insert the plug and twist the "T" to tighten it. .
                  Exactly. Often those lever plugs are just for live wells, not really for transoms. Get a T plug with a heavy thread face for the screw to grab and compress the plug when tightened. And cleaning the brass plug hole with a little steel wool will really help the plug to seal better.
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