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Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

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  • Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

    Hi everyone, been awhile since I've been on the forum. I need some help on how to siphon fuel that has been setting in my boats fuel tank for a year and a half. I put in Sta-Bil about that time also. I tryied to siphon with a 10' hose but can't even get the hose wet. I have a 1998 Crestliner 18'6 boat. I have no idea wher the fuel tsnk is located. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

    Bill, See if you can find an access hatch for the fuel sender. It should be in the floor. You can open the hatch, remove the 5-6 self-tapping cap screws and remove the sender unit. This will allow you to siphon the gas out though a 4-5inch hole. Since the 10 hose still may not be long enough, you can route it through the bilge drain. I use a piece of 1/2" copper water pipe which fits thru the bilge drain and fits the inside of the siphon hose.


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      Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

      Bill, One more thing. Do not use an electric pump, unless it is rated for pumping fuel. Drill powered pumps for example, catch fire when you use them to pump gasoline. ditto on shop vacuums.


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        Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

        same idea as chris, i just bought some hose at the HD, and ran the hose thru the drain hole, into the opening for the sending unit. have some 5 gallons cans ready. if it's not premixed the lawnmowers love it. you can supply the neighborhood for the season.
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          Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

          Here's another tip:

          I have a spare fuel line bulb, with long hoses on each end. It makes a great siphon. You just stick the input end down whatever hole you want to suck dry, put the other end in whatever you wanna fill, pump the bulb to start the siphon and you're on your way. No pump required, as long as the receiving vessel is lower than the donor vessel.

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            Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

            You can also push the fuel out.

            Using a hand operated tire pump, some hose and a rag, etc.
            Disconnect the fuel line at the engine or upstream of the filter/seperator.
            Put the hose from the pump in the fuel tank vent. Pack around the hose with a rag. Pump a couple of strokes to get fuel flowing out the regular fuel line an into the gas cans.

            Once started it will siphon unless the in tank screen is too restrictive.
            Don't put in more than about 4 psi as you don't want to bulge the tank.


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              Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

              If you can successfully siphon through the fuel hose to the engine the anti siphon valve is either missing or its not working. That's the purpose of the valve -- to prevent siphoning of fuel. I use an inexpensive electric fuel pump fitted with a hose barb that accepts the fuel line from the engine. A long hose on the output and a wire harness with battery clips allows you to power it from the battery. It will empty the tank in no time.


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                Re: Pumping fuel out of boat fuel tank

                Thanks guys for all the great information, greatly appreciated. I'm sure I will have no problems now. Thanks again.