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PolarKraft boat question for livewell help

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  • PolarKraft boat question for livewell help

    I have a small problem that I need some help with. My boat is and old model polarkraft boat and the livewell is not hooked up like most I have seen. There is a 1 1/8" line that is hooked to the back of the transom down at the bottom that goes straight to the livewell on the bottom with no aerator pump between them and then there is a overflow at the top of the livewell that does hook back into that same 1 1/8 line. Then there is a 3/4" line that comes from the top of the livewell with the water spout hooked to it inside the livewell. That line goes to the back of the boat where at one point some type of pump was hooked to it. I know that aerator pumps have two points of hookup inlet and outlet so I know that one of those pumps don't go there because all I have is one hose. I thought maybe you use a bilge pump but where the hell you going to get water from. Thanks for any advise

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    Re: PolarKraft boat question for livewell help

    The large line is apparently the livewell drain. Normally you insert a plug (like the drain plug at the back of the boat) which allows the livewell to retain water. The overflow line is also apparently connected properly. The second inlet at the back of the boat should have a hose on it that connects to a livewell pump also located in the bilge close to the inlet. The outlet of that pump feeds a hose that connects to the aerator head in the live well. In operation, plug the livewell drain. Hit the livewell switch (preferably an ON/OFF/CYCLE style) to fill the livewell. If the switch has a cycle position, when the livewell is full, set the switch to cycle. The pump will run for about 30 seconds to aearate the tank and pump in fresh water. Excess water goes out the overflow. When you want to drain the tank, pull the plug.