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Questions about Stingray boats??

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  • Questions about Stingray boats??

    Pretty much set up to buy one, just wondering about a couple things, i hear they have a pretty efficient hull design and move pretty good...I'm just looking for an all around boat and this is my first...How are they in chop? Any other information would be helpful too, like, top speed? what is a good safe max RPMs you wouldn't want to go past? Thanks
    Model is 1998 190LS 4.3L V6
    1995 22' Wellcraft Scarab 7.4L

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    Re: Questions about Stingray boats??

    BTW - i'll be only taking it in fresh water, lakes and rivers, kinda wondering how rough they would be on big weekends? I know it's a 19ft so it won't be like a cadillac
    1995 22' Wellcraft Scarab 7.4L


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      Re: Questions about Stingray boats??

      The stingray is a nice light boat and one of the best for speed in its class (due to lightweight construction and raised outdrive setup). You will pay for this. I have only heard of a one owner who have had some gel coat cracks running it hard in rough Chesapeake waves, but I think that is a result rough power-on trailering . If my memory serves me right, I think Stingray use to have a wood core transom and that would be a thumbs down for me. If I did not fish so much, I would buy a Glastron which are made from a solid mold and have the same volvo power you are looking for at a lower price and better warranty:


      If this is your first boat, make sure this fits your needs. If you plan of fishing or boating in shallow water, this i/o setup might not be your ticket. If you want speed and a frilly layout, then the Stingray will be a good choice.


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        Re: Questions about Stingray boats??

        Here is a link about VEC technology found in boat such as Glastron:


        My quick research indicates Stingray is still using treated plywood. I am not a fan of this. If you screw one screw into this wood and it is not 100% sealed, you will get rot. If I am going to pay that much for a boat, I would not want a single ounce of wood.

        I have a SeaPro and they make dual console saltwater boats that are built like a tank that will last forever in fresh...just take a look at these two models (186DC and 206DC):


        I am just throwing some ideas out there for you....Everyone has opinions.


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          Re: Questions about Stingray boats??

          brandon, welcome to iboats.
          Might want to ask your question in the Stingray boat forum below.
          See if you get any answers.
          Again, welcome to iboats.

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            Re: Questions about Stingray boats??

            he sent me pictures of the boat, i say if it's what you want, and laid out the way you want. go for it. take a rubber mallet, and pound around on the transom, and listen for different sounds. should get a hard thud, if you get different sounds, like a hollow sound, transom suspect of rot.
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