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Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

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  • Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

    Ilive in ohio and this is my first boat. I need to get plates for the trailer and lincses for the boat. How do I go about this? I dont have a title for the trailer but a bill of sale. I think with the boat lincses I can just go to the DMV, is this right? Do I need to get the trailer weighed before hand?ThanksMatt

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    Re: Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

    Usually the trailer is registered at your state's DMV.Boats are typically registered with your state's environment management or policing orginization. All of the the information is usually available on the internet.


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      Re: Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

      OHIO BOAT REGISTRATIONAlso says:A Certificate of Title is not required on a Utility Trailer weighing 4,000 pounds, or less, or a boat trailer. To obtain license plates you must get a weight card from a license bureau and have the trailer weighed.

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        Re: Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

        I am doing the same thing right now in ohio. If you have the bill of sale for it all you need is to get the trailer weighed at a certified scale. I got mine done at a CAT scale on the interstate, I know people who have gone to dumps to get a weight tag too. Don't have a boat on it when you weigh it because you get charged by weight.The bmv can do some stuff with titling and possible changing the registration over if you have all the paperwork. Just go and ask about it when you go to register the trailer If its over 14' or 10hp+ or both you need a title. If you cant get a title you need to go to the bmv to get it. If not over that size or hp you need a sales receipt from the dealer or a copy of the current registration or a notorized reciept if it is private. If you have questions call the Watercraft division of ODNR in columbus but from experience the local offices are much friendlier and no being put on hold.


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          Re: Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

          Actually for the boat part ODNR has this published. Tilting and Registration Flow Chart


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            Re: Get my trailer and Boat legal for the water??

            I'm in the same "boat".Just picked up my boat and trailer yesterday, used 2005, 22', 260hp. I live on a private lake. When I picked up the boat the dealer said that I'd have to go to the DMV to get the trailer and boat registered. The lake issues each boat owner a sticker and none of them have those state registration number stickers on the bow because once people around there put their boat in they just leave them at the lake. I did talk with one person on the lake that said that all I have to do is send the title for the boat and trailer to the lienholder and skip the DMV 'cause as I mentioned before, the boat and trailer aren't leaving the lake.Still trying to get another verification on this. Anyone with a similar experience?