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Reel oil (recommendations)

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  • Reel oil (recommendations)

    Baitcasting Reels . I use Remington gun oil but does anyone know of a good reel oil ? I ordered some on line for about $10.00 a ounce did'nt work very good and cost too much .Years ago used 3 in 1 oil but they changed it and it's too heavy now .

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    I use Hoppe's #9 gun oil
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      +1 on the gun oil.


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        I use Rocket Fuel on my conventional reels. Yellow on competition reels. Red on everything else.

        Super Lube on gears. Cal's Drag grease on drag washers, if needed


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          If gun oil works for you jut keep using it. I use to use gun oil with no problems. Now I use Reel Butter. It's great stuff. It's made to lubricate steel, brass, steel, everything you find inside a reel.