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Gas kicker or electric trolling

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  • Gas kicker or electric trolling

    I have an 18ft crestliner deep V with a 110 HP O/B. They are both 1986 vintage. I am planning on trolling for lakers on lake Kipawa in Quebec once a year and I would like to troll for eyes on Lake Eriesomewhat more frequently. I know just enough about boats to be dangerous. Should I opt for a gas kicker for trolling and all the mounting issues relating to it? Or should I go for an electric trolling motor? If electric is the choice how many Lbs? 12, 24, 36 volt? How long could I expect a battery to last with electric between charges? I need somebody that knows what to do I'm sick of spending money on the wrong stuff.
    Thanks alot.

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    Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

    I have a 18' Celebrity with a 4.3L V-6 ( 175 hp ) with a 55 lb Minn Kota electric trolling motor. Didn't take long at all for the battery to drain down trolling for lakers.

    I came up with a better idea

    Those are two five gallon buckets tied to the cleats on the back of each side of the boat. I drilled about twelve 5/8" holes in the bottom of each pail.

    Even with my inboard propped for water skiing, I could troll at the correct speed.

    Now I have a 24' pontoon all set up for trolling too.


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      Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

      Without a doubt gas kicker.


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        Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

        Gas kicker for what you are doing. If you're trolling deeper water and going constantly, gas will last you much longer. Electric is good to get you into those tight spots and shallower weed beds, and is also useful where noise and motor vibrations will spook the fish.


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          Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

          For trolling those big lakes I agree go with a gasser.


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            Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

            The bucket suggestion (or biuying a drift sock) is probably the best one for a one-per-year use. In fact, I would do the bucket deal and buy a really good marine GPS / sonar with speed and temp - since speed is key to lakers, and since sonar is key to determining bottom composition and contacting fish.

            I LIKE my Minn Kota 42# on my 14' MFG (I love trolling quiet with just a little hum instead of the chugg of my Suzuki) but it won't troll at salmon speeds, and even trolling for rainbows and walleye it kills a group 27 deep cycle in about 5 hours steady. Your boat displaces a lot more water AND it probably grabs wind pretty good with a bigger profile; you would want at least 24 volt and a lot of thrust- I would guess you would wind up spending $750 or more (a friend just sunk $2K into his new setup) for something just barely adequate.

            So again, slowing your boat is the key- controlling your speed is the followup. I would expect you should spend your money elsewhere than an electric.
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              Re: Gas kicker or electric trolling

              Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I now have direction. Gas it shall be. Nothing like having experience or knowing who to ask.