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Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

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  • Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

    Hi all,

    I went to winterize my 1998 four stroke 70 HP Johnson (Suzuki) today and hooked up earmuffs. I then noticed a large round potential hose inlet for this engine that may have been preferable to the earmuffs, but I couldn't get the black cap off. It was midway up the outboard above the lower unit. Does anyone know off hand if these engines had this?

    Also - the only output I was getting from the antifreeze I was putting in was through 2 holes in the lower unit (at the top of it). I think my telltale is clogged with a bit of sand. Is this location (the two holes in the top of the lower unit) where the water usually exits the cooling system?

    My fear is that the antifreeze was not getting up to the powerhead.....but I didn't get any high temp alarms or anything so I think/hope I'm safe. thanks in advance...

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    Re: Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

    Outboards (two stroke or four stroke) are self draining. Why on earth are you adding antifreeze that will run out anyway? It is a waste of money and time. Just leave the motor full down, drain and refill the lower unit lube, change the engine oil and filter. Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel, run the engine for a couple of minutes (on muffs) to get the stabilized fuel into the fuel system and you are done. There is nothing in the Suzuki manuals that indicate running antifreeze through the system is necessary. Some water exits the ports just below the engine cover but the bulk of the water exits the engine through the hub of the prop. Whether you are pumping antifreeze or water, either should exit through the prop. Again, antifreeze is not necessary.


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      Re: Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

      ********** has this kit
      says for outboards
      very bad, guess they need $$


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        Re: Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

        I had the same ? about antifreeze as well for my Yamaha 150 2 stroke. So its NOT neccessary to run any antifreeze thru the engine at all for winterizing an outboard? thanks

        you can also push a flexible wire up the pee hole to clear it out


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          Re: Winterizing Johnson/Suzuki Four Stroke Question

          There is no reason to run antifreeze though an outboard. Air doesn't freeze and since the engine is totally self draining, air is all that remains inside the engine. Once the engine is fogged and the fuel stabilized, lower unit lub changed, put it to bed. Since the water pump is above the water intakes, even it is self draining. Do not store the engine tilted up as rain and snow melt water can enter the prop hub and freeze in there. If it is essential to store the engine that way, seal up the lower unit with a plastic bag and tape the top securely so the bag itself cannot fill with water.