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1988 suzuki dt150 problems

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  • 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

    i have a dt150 it starts up and runs good out of the water but when i put it in the water it wont idle and it lacks power geting up on plain i found water in the gas and cleaned the carbs but it still dose it compresson is 105 all acrost exhaust is not pluged and it seems to be wet fouling the plugs any sugestens thanks

  • #2
    Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

    Any alarms? sounds like you may be rev limited, either low water flow, or oil pump. Might start by making sure oil resevoir is distributing oil, might need to check water sensors, these should be on the middle cylinder on each side.


    • #3
      Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

      the water light comes on a ldle but it has done that since i got it about 4 years ago it has a new water pump i found the senser on the lower carb that has the rod that runs to the oil pump was not tight to the carb what is this and dose it need to be ajusted when tighend what is the best way to check the oil injection thanks


      • #4
        Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

        You are refering to the throttle valve sensor, do you have a manual? If not, it's a good fairly cheap investment. The TVS can be adjusted, you will need a ohms meter that has a rx100 setting, you must disconnect the three wires from the TVS, put the red lead in the orange/? wire and the black lead in the black coming from the TVS. With the idle adjust switch in the slowest position, you should read 200-250 ohms, if not loosen the 3 mounting screws and adjust until you get the correct reading.


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          Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

          thanks i will do that and when i get the heads on it i will see how it runs i do have a owners book i will look it up is there any ajusting i have to do to the rod that goes to the oil injection or should it be ok thanks agin you have been a lot of help


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            Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

            That rod does not need anything, the TVS does the adjusting to the timing, basically it advances the timing to coincide with the throttle position for the best performance possible.


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              Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

              The manual is the way to go. I always check the oiling systems to meet specs in the manual. I check my DT140 every season start and the motors that come thru my shop are checked also. Its a bit messy but with the help of a medical syringe with metric graduations, a watch and a Tach and of course some 50:1 mix it is posible to make a good check. The oiling system on the Suzuki's is probably the best but they do need checking. Also pull each of the tubes off each inlet manifold connection just to make sure that oil is oozing out. Older type oils can congeal if left in the tank a long time so try using Pensoil synthetic blend. Works very well. Probably have to remove the oil tank or at least disconnect the oil tube to be able to connect the syringe body. Large syringes are available at you local drug store.


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                Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

                ok i got it running but in the water it feels like it is bouncing on the rev limiter both water lights are on and the little rev light is on and the water alarm beeps but the engine sprays water from the pisser i checked the water pump and it looks fine no cracks and i seals good any sugestions thanks


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                  Re: 1988 suzuki dt150 problems

                  Pull the t-stats and either clean or replace, also check the water flow sensors, they are located half way down your heads. Check to see if they are corroded or broken, if they dont send a water flow signal it will stay in rev limit. A good way to clean these parts is soak in vinegar.