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suzuki df6 4 stroke

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  • suzuki df6 4 stroke

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    Re: suzuki df6 4 stroke

    Your carburetor is gummed up, flychucker.

    Anyone who tries to work on an outboard without a manual has a fool for a mechanic. Steelspike.

    We are proud to be able to supplement a Manual, but we cannot replace it. Moderators and helpers here do not work for iboats or any Manual printer. We work for you, and without compensation.


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      Re: suzuki df6 4 stroke

      better to keep your mouth shut and look a fool rather than opening it and removeing all doubt.....typical yanks no doubt


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        Re: suzuki df6 4 stroke

        I have probably been messing with outboards a lot longer than you have been breathing, Flychucker. The other helpers here have probably been messing with outboards for several thousand years. Steelspike's statement is abundantly true.

        A carb is not a carb. They differ in hundreds of ways, but when the jets or orifices are gummed up they all act the same. That is far as I can go on a DF6.

        If you come here and ask for advice you would do very well to pay attention, rather than bitching that you didn't hear what you wanted to hear.

        I agree that not everyone who posts on here is an idiot. In fact very, very few are idiots. Once in a while we get one. . .like um. . .nevermind.


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          Re: suzuki df6 4 stroke

          I suport the previous reply.
          Please calm youself and take note of what you are told. Did you use a fuel preservative such as Stabil in your fuel? If you did not then you most definately have a blocked carb problem, The spraying of carb cleaner will only damage any plastic or rubber parts in the carb. Therefore carb cleaner is a no no. To clean the carb it must be removed and taken apart and soaked according t instructions in a carb cleaner solvent. This is available from Adv ance auto or others.
          Hope this is of some help.


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            Re: suzuki df6 4 stroke

            what is a furace tech anyway?
            Easy on one.