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Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

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  • Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

    Hey guys, I just did a stupid thing. While getting my boat ready I took off the cranking battery, charged it, cleaned all the terminals and when I re-connected everything I hooked it up backwards. Nothing was turned on at the time but I noticed a funny smell now nothing works, motors won't turn over and no power trim/tilt. Any ideas what happened? Is there a fuse somewhere I should be looking for?


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    Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

    Here is a picture. No. 33 and 34 are fuses.
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      Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

      Thanks fin, the fuse was it on both motors. Found them right before I saw your reply, lol. Anything else I need to check such as the charging system? I haven't started either motor yet but have power back to both.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

        only thing to check no is rectifier output, simply check the battery voltage, then start the engines, run about 2000 RPM, voltage should increase by about 1 volt over non running battery voltage.
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          Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

          Thanks Rodbolt, I was hoping you would reply and tell me how to check them I didn't have time this evening to get them running but have everything ready to go for tomorrow. I will check it first thing. Sure hope I got lucky, no idea what a new rectifier costs but I'm sure it's not cheap.

          I feel like an idiot, I know better. I got in a hurry because my kid was sleeping in the house and I just ran out to switch batteries on the charger but thought "I'll just throw this one back in real quick to make some room on the bench" Oh well, I'm sure it won't be my last brain fart. Thanks again guys, I'll post up after I get them running and let you know what happened.

          EDIT: just checked the price of the rectifier/regulator assembly, $62 for the 9.9 and $110 for the 115, ouch.


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            Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

            Well call me Lucky, I couldn't sleep last night so I got up early and fired up both motors before work. Battery voltage was 12.7 volts. At around 1000rpms the F115 was showing 14.7 volts and the F9.9 suprised me a little with a reading of 15.1 volts at maybe 2000 rpms (no tach on that one). I am assuming that the little higher voltage than Rodbolt stated won't hurt anything but someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

            Thanks again for the help gentlemen. The time you take to answer posts on this board is greatly appreciated. If anyone wants old Lucky here to rub their lottery ticket just send it over, no charge


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              Re: Hooked up battery backwards, F115, F9.9

              your GTG