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Low pressure in one cylinder

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  • Low pressure in one cylinder

    Late 80 Suzuki 75 hp with low pressure in one cylinder. Runs pretty good just not like it did. Pressure numbers are 125, 120 and 75. Whats the worst case I am looking at. If its like a car motor I was thinking stuck ring, scored cylinder wall or bad valve sitting.

    I currently dont own the engine but need a replacement for mine really bad. Can get it at a decent price just need to know what it should cost on the worst case to repair.

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    Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

    Worst case you wiped out the crank and you have to buy a rebuilt power head. If thats the case than your looking between 2100.00 to 2800.00. unless you do the work your self then i think you can do it for under 1200.00. But to me it sounds like your looking at just that piston and you can do all the work your self for about 300 to 500. hope this helps a little.


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      Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

      Could be carbon or a head gasket, too. Either would be easy and inexpensive to fix. On the other hand, the risk of a powerhead replacement that would cost more than the engine is worth suggests that a "decent" price would be really low, maybe a couple hundred but no more than that.


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        Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

        Pretty risky.

        Pull the head and see what's happening before you buy.
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          Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

          Well price for one bad cylinder is going to be over 2000 dollars. I have worked on cars pulled tranny's and some engine work. How hard will it be to crack the block pull the piston and have it rebored, new pistons and seals myself. Hell I got vacation time to burn. I just dont know about timing and stuff on outboards. Anything else I need to really worry about. Any suggested books.


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            Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

            If you are an experienced wrench a Service Manual (OEM) would be about all you would need to transfer your skills to an outboard, Swiftshot. Anything beyond that you can find here.

            I still wouldn't offer more than a couple hundred bux for it.


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              Re: Low pressure in one cylinder

              I got it for 400 everything else works if worst case I part it out on ebay. Guess I will be buying the service manual on how to work on this thing.