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No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

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  • No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

    Help. motor ran fine last time ran. Now no spark on any cylinder. I have twins so I swaped the coil banks with no change. Please give me any troubleshooting advice for this condition. The temp, check engine etc cycles when key is turned on and pump runs and warning buzzer sounds just like my running motor so power is getting to the motor when key is turned on. Thanks Jeff

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    Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

    Did you check the kill switch?


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      Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

      Only one switch for both motors and one runs so I assume it is not the problem. Thanks Jeff


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        Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

        never assume anything.
        this engine has a fairly complex micro-processor.
        however its like almost anyother ADI ign system.
        test out put from the stator charge coils, test trigger coils,test crankposition sensor output then test CDI output.
        looks complex but its really not.
        but electronics failures on that engine is very very rare. usually its someplace other than stators and CDI units.
        no tech questions by PM, they wont get answered.
        you have to be trusted by the people that you lie to .


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          Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

          Thank You for your quick response. I am waiting for new manual as my selcor manual does not match my engine in wiring diagrams. I do have twins if you can suggest other part swapping while I wait. Also I heard there is a test procedure for eliminating any control problem that involves unpluggging the harness and starting by jumping some wires. If so please let me know the procedure if it exist it sounded good to be able to eliminate any componets outside of the engine cowl. Thanks Again Jeff


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            Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

            Finally got correct manual. This 98efi Dt200 does not have a seperate cdi unit The electronic contol unit incorporates the cdi function. I tested crank sensor, Stop switch and key circuit. All tested good. Checked ignition charging coil and speed sensor with good test results as well. Checked the power source regulator and even swapped the electronic control with twin motor. It runs the other motor but after reconnecting new module still same results on first motor. NO Spark on any cylinder. Really making me pull my hair any ideas greatly appreciated Thanks Jeff


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              Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

              have you checked the netual safety switch on the engine, follow the shift linkage on the engine


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                Re: No Spark 99 Suzuki DT200 EFI

                Thanks for reply. I did in fact find the nuetral switch to be the fault. It seems Suzuki made a system which kills the spark instead of the starter like most everyone else. A local dealer just told me to think backwards for suzuki as they are not of American design.