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Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

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  • Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

    I just changed the oil filter on my DF-40 (40hp 4-stroke, 2008) for the first time, and it was a little messy.

    Is there a trick to draining the oil out of it before unscrewing it? I got all of the oil out of the main oil well, but the bit in the filter was a little sloppy.


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    Re: Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

    Did you remove the lower port side panel? If you did, put a very sharp point on one of your old useless Phillips screwdrivers so it resembles and awl. Have a funnel and a small container available, and simply punch a hold in the lowest part of the filter. Let the oil drain into the funnel and container. Then remove the filter. No need to make a large hole. Just big enough to let the filter drain is big enough.

    How do you like the engine. I have a pontoon on order that will be powered by a 40 HP Suzy.


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      Re: Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

      I like the idea of a hole in the filter. Next time, I may also try tilting it up and turning the wheel over, but I don't think that will work.

      Yes, I did take the side cover off, that was easy. The screws are also self-retaining, so you won't loose them. The filter is big enough that you effectively can dump a "cup of coffee" worth of oil down the side of the engine. I managed to only spill a little, but any is too much when you have to clean it up.

      I love my DF-40. I replaced an old Mariner 40 2-stroke. I see a ton of difference and like it all. Going from 2-4 stroke covers up a lot of things. It only has 20 hours on it, so I can't talk long term. The zukies are getting very popular in San Diego. I'm not sure I can even talk to efficiency yet, but I am getting 6+ mpg. I think it may be closer to 7+, but I need more time.

      That said, I can see how people might not like in the in-line 3 cylinder set up. I do get a lot more vibration (not outside of what I expected on an old aluminum boat).


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        Re: Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

        I'm not familiar with that motor or its filter but what I usually do with oil filters is to slip a ziplock bag over the filter from the bottom to over the top using a size of bag that completely covers the filter. That way when I take the filter off it is in the bag and so is any oil that may come out.


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          Re: Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

          I have a 2002 50hp on a 16' tin and there is no vibration at all.

          Silvertip, thank you for the advise, that little hole will save some mess although I have not found it to bad. You can't go wrong with that engine imho. Mine is a 50 Johnson, same as the df50, and it has not given me any problems in five years.



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            Re: Change oil filter on DF40 - a clean way?

            find a plastic soda bottle close to the same diameter as the filter and cut out the bottom and notch the sides in an "L" so it will slide around the filter...leave the cap on and it will catch any loose oil when you take off the filter