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Output Cyl 2 from CDI failing Yamaha 115

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  • Output Cyl 2 from CDI failing Yamaha 115

    I replaced the CDI unit due to this with a used CDI unit and now this one is intermittent on the number 2 cylinder. One trigger coil controls to cylinders so it is not that. I can hit the CDI and it will start working again. I found a water leak that was spraying water all under the cover at high speed and this is corrected. I don't know if this helped lead to the problem. My thought is that maybe the water spray on the coil damaged the output of the CDI. The leak was near the #2 coil. Is this a common failure for the 115 or do you think it was due to the leak?? I swapped the #2 coil with #3 to see if maybe the coil will damage #3 out of the CDI. So far no more failures.

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    Re: Output Cyl 2 from CDI failing Yamaha 115

    At the risk of sounding like an expert (I'm not) here's some logical troubleshooting tips for the $#@!!&^!! Suzuki. (I just spent two grueling weeks tracking down a similar problem on my '95 DT115. - The CDI will usually either work-or not...there is typically not any mid ground. - If you "hit it" and it works, I'd suspect a loose ground (or other connection)somewhere (the center screw where the CDI Black lead connects... I added another ground wire and attached it under another bolt-head. That wasn't the problem on mine, but it may fix yours. - If you swapped the Spark Plug coils and the problem is fixed, I'd keep my eyes out for a used coil 'cause that one is probably going bad. (I assume that when you swapped them, you bent some wires that had been making intermittent contact [arcing] to a new position which fixed it (for now)). - The advice several folks gave me was "See if the problem follows the part". If the swapping of the spark coil made the problem go from one to the other, it is definitely the spark coil (or wiring connections?). - OBTW- You DID clean/replace the plugs first, didn't you? Spark plugs are one of the cheapest things to replace, and most likely item to be bad on any outboard engine.FWIW- I identified my problem within the first 15 minutes, but was sure "It couldn't be that" since that part was new... Two weeks later (after replacing plugs, rebuilding carbs, tracing all wiring, swapping CDIs (twice), removing and replacing the flywheel (twice)- it was that bad (new) part.It sounds like you are almost there...regards,Jim


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      Re: Output Cyl 2 from CDI failing Yamaha 115

      OOOPS!! I thought I saw Suzuki, but yours was a Yamaha. Most of the logic is the same, but your CDI may be slightly different (and less expensive than a Suz.)DUH!Jim