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Help with 87 Suzuki Outboard

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  • Help with 87 Suzuki Outboard

    Gidday from down in the South Pacific in New Zealand, home of the America's Cup. Havinga spot of bother with my outboard and came across this site so decided to ask you experts for abit of help.I have an 87 DT55c Suzuki outboard which has been good as gold but decided to replace the impeller myself before the season got going down this way. This site pointed me how to release the gearshift rod at the top no problem and it all came off ok. Replacing the impeller & gasket was easy as well. The problems started when I try to reassemble the unit. The spacer plate the pump mounts on lifts and will not close up as I screw the impeller housing down. I found out that is because the stainless plate pushes down on the bronze bearing for the gear shift that is mounted in the spacer plate. Apparently when I dropped the casing off it has gone into gear and is too high. In trying to resolve this out on the bench now the gear shift rod has pulled loose of whatever it is that holds it in the gearcase and nothing will go back together. I would appreciate a little information and or diagrams scanned etc to help me put this back to gether before all the fish go home. I don't wnat to pull the prop and gearcase out without more info in case I do more harm. An exploded view of the gearcase would be a great help. Suzuki is not a big name in outboards down here, Yamaha has the front runner spot. Any help/suggestions can be posted here or emailed to or better still ( my work address ) It has a 2 meg pipe so anything gets through. Any questions you got about fishing down here in New Zealand drop us an email to either address. Thanks for any help you may give guys and tight lines to you all.Brent

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    Re: Help with 87 Suzuki Outboard



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      Re: Help with 87 Suzuki Outboard

      This is a different year and model.


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        Re: Help with 87 Suzuki Outboard

        Thanks guys, 2 replies with all the info I need, real quick. Just shows, International Cooperation ain't dead is it or just normal boaties help to one another when in trouble. Hopefully should be able to sort it out when I get some time to play with it. Let you know.regardsBrent