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1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

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  • 1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

    Does anyone own this boat in florida and if you do how in the world do you get this engine serviced? no one wants to deal with this discontinued engine. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Phil

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    Re: 1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

    I checked your profile. Where in Florida is Coconut Creek? Never heard of it, and I am a cracker.If you live near Lee County, (Ft Myers), there is an excellent wrench by the name of Gary at "Outboards Only", who, if not able to get you in, will recommend one maybee a bit closer to you.His number is (941)997-9880His shop is located 890 Pondella Road, North Ft Myers.This isn't an add for the guy,as he is busier than the devil,but he has been in the buis for years, and knows everbody.And any Mech that tries to tell you a 1995 I/O is obsolete, must also sell new I/Os.
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      Re: 1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

      Hey 12Footer nice boat! I tried to check profile also, so I could use the "dealer locator" but couldnt find it, now that I see you did, I looked further and now I see how to do it! Hey phil3, hang in there. sounds like a string of bad luck with your inquiries, I would be tempted to call Yamaha back (as mentioned in your other thread) and talk/scream to a manager (the higher up the chain the better) so maybe they will put some pressure on a local dealer to get their act together! I bet that a lot of dealers were all to happy to sell these, but since they dont now, they dont want to be bothered!you see, they may have to spend some time digging up those ancient manuals & tools from 1995! Ok, so the Yamaha sterndrive wasnt a big seller and they quit production, but Yamaha corp has to take some responsibility, **** rolls downhill, and it starts at the top. Give them an earful!After all its only a sterndrive, nothing magical about it, good mechanics can work on just about anything that floats, I just think you keep running into people that just dont care. Maybe mother Yamaha will make them care! Good luck, you will prevail eventually. Mike


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        Re: 1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

        I've heard that the Yamaha I/Os required a diagnostic computer that was so expensive, Yamaha Corp. had to loan them to mechanics -- along with a postpaid return label. When the mechs finished, they'd ship the computer back. But now Yamaha can't even find any of the diagnostic units! This may have something to do with your current predicament.


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          Re: 1995 Renken Seamaster with i/o Yamaha engine

          Wow! page!Phil, if you call Yam again, you may mention that you are looking to a national magazine to publicise the problem, and dont forget to take down names, squeaky wheel............but be tactful also.