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Yamaha trim & tilt

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  • Yamaha trim & tilt

    I reckon this is a great site, I'm learning heaps.1st question is, can you remove the trim and tilt assembly from the Outboard whilst it is on the boat. The motor is a 1998 yamaha 70Hp owned by a friend of mine. It has only 58 hours on clock (recently purchased), the trim & tilt stopped the other day and later started working, today it stopped altogether. 2nd question is, I have the same motor also except it is a 1997 Model with 1600 hrs on clock (still runs great), my forward controls have corroded badly inside, is this common.Both motors are used in salt water.Any comments will be appreciated.

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    Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

    Hey Terry, If the tilt/trim stops & starts working intermitently, it's probably not necessary to take it off. Does the pump make a sound when the switch is activated? I'm guessing not......check all electrical connections involved for corrosion, tightness, etc. Let us know what you find out. Good Luck! Backlash


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      Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

      Terry, I agree with Backlash. If the Tilt assembly isn't looking rotted and open then it is probably power to the tilt.As far as the Binnacle assembly, I have an '87 yamaha and I'm a saltwater boater. The 'guts' look fine with virtually no maintaince to it.If you cover your boat daily and in the winter, try not to cover it tight it will lock in condensation.


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        Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

        Thanks Backlash & Tony for your quick response.My friend Craig's Trim & Tilt is not working at all now, no sound when you press switch up or down. he took it to a marine guy who said power was going to motor, he thought maybe water had got inside (everything looks clean on the outside), anyway he said it could cost $600 to $700 to fix depending on results.craig is getting a second opinion.I purchased my boat from a professional Crabber who used it almost every day (makes me green with envy), if the corrosion inside the forward controls is unusual then He must have had salt water on it. I'm still curious though as to whether the trim & tilt can be removed whilst the motor is on the boat (my trim gradually settles down & may need my attention in the future). Thanks again.


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          Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

          The latest on craig's trim & tilt, I checked it today and it definitely has power to the motor. Then I tapped the motor whilst pressing switch and it started working but very weakly, then it stopped again and now there is nothing. Further tapping acheived nothing.I'd still like to know if the unit can be removed on the boat.Thanks, terry


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            Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

            Hey Terry, You can remove the unit from the engine while it is still on the boat. For access, raise the engine fully & flip the bracket down to hold the engine up. n Good Luck.Backlash


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              Re: Yamaha trim & tilt

              Thanks for your help Tony & Backlash.Craig ended up taking boat back to dealer who had regularly serviced motor. He replaced the tilt motor with a new one, (no charge, warranty apparently still applied). Mechanic thought maybe a magnet may have come loose but was'nt sure. he said these units are usually very reliable, but he has seen 2 others both relatively new with same problem. Thanks again, Terry