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Volvo Penta AQ125 B Ignition Coil issues???

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  • Volvo Penta AQ125 B Ignition Coil issues???

    Hello all, Guys, I have a 1986 Bayliner Capri with the Volvo Penta 2.1. It seems to be that the ignition coil will get entirely to hot and blow the fuse in the fuse block. (25amp)I replaced the coil with a Duralast 12 volt that looked like the one that came off the boat. (Except it was Bosch). With the new coil, the motor fires and runs fine but (dosent idle but thats a diffrent problem) yesterday I had it cranked, today, without changing anything...nothing. The motor will not crank even with starting fluid. The coil has 3 wires attached. Purple to positive terminal, Grey/White to neg. terminal, and ofcourse the main to the dis. cap center. I guess my question is this, what the heck is the proper wiring for a standard ignition coil so I can rewire from scratch. Something must be shorting out. This is the 3rd coil I have replaced. The Claymers manual dosent say what terminal goes to what wire.(eg. grey to neg. purple to pos.) The manual states that the ground is grounded and the Grey and the purple are on the same terminal. I have all new NGK plugs and the rotor looks good. But have on order, new breaker points, dis. cap, plug wires, and rotor just in case. But the motor ran with out all of this. Thanks for any help guys!!!!

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    Re: Volvo Penta AQ125 B Ignition Coil issues???

    Don't know if this will help but it's what got me out of a wiring mess. http://cruisersforum.com/photopost/d...ng_diagram.jpg
    Yours Aye! Rick
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      Re: Volvo Penta AQ125 B Ignition Coil issues???

      Hi Bsturkie, welcome to iboats!!!Purple is to coil '+', it is the main feed from the ignition. Grey is to coil '-', it is the circuit that switches the coil on/off via the points.Coils come in many varieties, you need a resistor coil which is feed power through a ballast resistor, If you have the wrong coil, it will cause problems. You also need to match the condenser to the coil - they work in unison.A bad coil has nothing to do with a 'no crank' situation, you have two seperate problems.Coils get hot, that is normal.Do you have a DVM? There are tests you can perform to identify faults.Aldo
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        Re: Volvo Penta AQ125 B Ignition Coil issues???

        Sorry for waiting so long guys! Thanks for the responses...Here is what happened and what fixed it. (I'm good at throwing money at a problem)I went to my local boat store and purchaced the Solec manual (had the Clymer but just dosent get technical enough.) The Solec manual helped me greatly. Anyway, after brand new points, rotor, spark plug wires, spark plugs...(and the points were gapped perfect .018 for a Volvo AQ125B)Now I get monster spark!!! And yes..I shocked myself with the high tention coil wire...what a rush!!! Anyway, I get her cranked and ideling well. She idled for about 1/2 half hour then slugged out. (Yes, I had water ears on it. New impeller to) So I take the carb apart. Solex 44 pi. I think it has been rebuilt badly in the past. The accell pump diapram SP? was about gone...glad I didnt get her on the lake already.The check jet was missing a screen filter, NO gaskets between the intake and carb base. I think this would allow air to enter the manifold. So carb kit is on order, $66 marineparts.com Sorry Iboats.com you didnt have one for this carb. Anyway,I not looking forward to setting the timing on this puppy...if you guys have a easy wa of doing this I would listen..and trade info...I work for Hewlett-Packard as a Proliant specialist. Email me if ya have any computer isues and we can "trade"!!!! Thanks guys!