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Volvo 3.0 GLP Overheat

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  • Volvo 3.0 GLP Overheat

    I have a Glastron MX 175 with the Volvo-Penta 3.0 GLP-C engine. Last year I had to replace the raw water pump housing because the plastic had separated from the brass and it was sucking air and over heated. It was replaced with the solid brass housing. Since that problem, on the first start of the day the temperature will climb over 200 degrees until I rev the engine in neutral to about 4,000 RPM then it will settle between 150 - 175 degrees and be fine for the rest of the day. I've changed the thermostat and impeller and still have the same issue. Anyone have any ideas?
    2005 Glastron MX 175LE Volvo Penta 3.0 SX

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    Re: Volvo 3.0 GLP Overheat

    It sounds like you've got a priming issue. The raw water pump must be losing it's prime and not sucking any water until you rev it up and then it finally gets water. Are you sure that replacement housing is correct for the pump? Are all the hose clamps tight?

    I'm assuming that once the boat is in the water and you start the engine, you go ahead and rev it up some to get the cooling water flowing, right?
    2004 Stingray 200LX, Volvo 5.0GL
    1973 Sanger Runnerbottom, V-drive, BBC
    1972 Stevens Flatbottom, project boat
    1997 Yamaha GP1200
    1994 Yamaha WaveRaider
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      Re: Volvo 3.0 GLP Overheat

      I never had the problem before the initial overheating last year. I used to launch, start, and idle till the engine got to operating temperature. The housing fits correctly and 2 shops (the one that installed it and another one) have looked at it and say it's correct. The second shop said the pump is pumping great. It seems like reving before the temperature starts to climb doesn't prevent the problem. If i rev it as it gets around 200 I can stop the climb before it set off the alarm.
      2005 Glastron MX 175LE Volvo Penta 3.0 SX