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  • Winterization

    Winterizing a Volvo Penta with the Camco (65501) Do-It-Yourself Winterization Kit

    [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]Today, 04:26 PM[/COLOR]

    So if anyone has used the Camco do it yourself kit, in the manual, it states to use an adapter (65493) for Front Engine Mounted Raw Water Pumps, instead of using a motor flusher like most engines. Where do you place this adapter on the drive, the engine or where? I have watched many videos on how to winterize this type of engine but I mainly see people emptying out water from four different draining holes and three different hoses. Instead of removing all the water in the engine block I just want to run anti-freeze through it but I don't know where to connect the adapter if someone has some information that would be helpful.

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    What size and type of motor do you have ? Also you must drain all the water out prior to running antifreeze. That's why you remove the drain plugs and hose first.
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      It is best to drain all water first from engine and manifolds and the raw water pump. When draining be sure to poke wire or allen wrench or something up in the holes to be sure scale is not blocking the drains, a LOT of water should come out. If you think you need to, add antifreeze for corrosion after draining by removing thermostat and such, but don't run the engine, just pour in after putting the drain plugs back in.


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        Don't use that kit period. There is no advantage to doing it that way because you still have to either drain the block first, or take out the thermostat. Just drain manually, poke the holes, disconnect the big hose at the front of the engine (circulating pump) and raw water intake hose going to the impeller (point that one down to drain) and remove plugs or caps on manifolds and poke holes to drain. I then put some gasket sealer on the metal plug threads, re-install the plugs, reconnect the bottom end of big hose, and disconnect the top end at thermo housing. Fill it with -100 marine af till it comes out neck of thermo housing. Engine full, reconnect hose at thermo housing. Then disconnect feed hoses for manifolds at thermo housing. Fill with same AF till it runs out exhaust. Re-connect hoses. Last fill raw water intake hose with same af till it runs out water intakes on drive. For impeller housing, disconnect feed hose at thermo housing and fill with same AF.

        ​Those camco kits can result in a cracked block or burned impeller if you don't get the AF flowing well and do not get the engine hot enough. You don't want to bet your engine on the chance that the thermostat may not open all the way on a cool day idling on the water hose....
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          throw the camco kit away now or throw your boat motor away in the spring.

          drain coolant from plugs, prob plug holes like everyone said

          fill as Lou described if you want to put antifreeze in your block or simply leave it as air. air wont freeze until everything else on the planet freezes
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            When done right the mix of gases needed for maximum freezeproofing, see recipe below*, should flow in naturally as it drains.

            * 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon/carbon dioxide/other inert gases
            (Air )


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              Yep, I recommend doing it as has been stated. I also like removing my impeller from the pump housing and storing it out for the winter, helps make it last longer and I also un tension my serp belt, keeps it from stretching.
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                I have one of those kits and turned it into a flusher for my trailer brakes. Hooked up a live well pump and hose to it...
                1988 Four Winns 200 Horizon
                4.3 OMC Cobra

                98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 Selectrac
                07 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7 Quadradrive II

                "While air doesn't freeze....rust never sleeps"