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Spewing Milksake 4.3L Penta

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  • Spewing Milksake 4.3L Penta

    2001 4.3L GL PEFS Volvo penta, Outdrive SX-M 1.79
    I literally just bought this boat today..I looked at it for the first time yesterday at the guys house and I ran it in his driveway on the hose and it ran and sounded perfect! The engine only has 24 original hrs on it.... so I got the cash and paid him today, brought the boat home ( present for my wife's birthday!) and put it on my hose to show my wife and within 30-45seconds it starts spewing milkshake everywhere!! The only difference was that i did not put the outdrive in gear at his house but I did at mine, could this be some sort of seal between the outdrive and motor letting water in the block? The entire motor is filled with this stuff including the pan and it was GUSHING out! it was coming out of the port side exhaust vapor vent. I didn't show any sigh of this at his house and it's only been ran about five minutes since the first time I looked at it. The guy said he had it on the water a week ago and it ran great, I'd like to believe he is telling the truth. I saw a couple of the EXACT same pictures as mine, same motor and everything, on this forum, but no of the postees ever posted the findings/fixes. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Here is links to the pictures

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzO...ew?usp=sharing (engine info)
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    Cracked engine block is the most likely issue . . . nothing to do with being in gear vs. in neutral.

    I guess the 'guy' got the best of you.

    Running on the muffs in the driveway is not the test of an engine. It was probably during that time in the driveway when the engine filled up with water. Your running of it today brought it to an overflow situation.

    Did you check the oil at the guy's house after it was run?
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      welcome aboard

      a 17 year old boat with only 24 hours.....something fishy there

      agree with Ted....cracked block

      most likely the prior owner knew about the cracked block too.
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        Well I feel like am idiot.

        Thanks for the inputs. I'll let ya'll know what i find out


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          Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. It takes a few hours to pull the engine and for me a day to remove parts from the old engine on to the new long block. Yes there goes 2K. But now you have a brand new engine, and the boat is ready to go for another 17 years and the boat is worth more because of that. Yes it all sucks, and maybe the guy will split the costs with you. Some states have laws that on a major purchase and you have 3 days to rescind. Good luck Dave-R


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            You might luck out and it was the intake that cracked. 4.3s have a drain plug on the intake that is often missed


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              In case anyone was curious, it was a cracked block. Huge mistake not looking this boat over good enough on my part. This guy that sold it to me was a clever bastard, he was able to hide the problem just long enough for it not to show during the test run... but as you can tell by the pictures, the cracks have thick corrosion all around them proving the crack have been the long enough to rust. BUT, good news is the guy didn't like the idea of being sued so he gave me back 1,500$. Not the best solution but after the new motor i'll only be in the boat 600$ more than the original price and it will be a brand new engine.


              Ordered a new crate longblock, it'll be here in a week.


              1,959$ with with free shipping. I'll let ya'll know how it goes!