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Chrysler Sea King 7.5?

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  • Chrysler Sea King 7.5?

    So I just got what I thought was a sweet deal on a motor. A box of knives (value of about 6.5 bucks) for a 19** Sea King motor vw8 52179C. ** is because I cannot find what year it is. I think it is a 79 or 80 but not sure.

    It runs for about a minute after having to spray a bit of starter fluid in it but then soon dies after. It will not start without it but however I know that the fluid burns up pretty quick so it should be running on gas for the most part for that minute.

    Question #1
    I thought that there was a place here that I could find this out?

    Questions #2
    It will start but not run for a long time. I can see an Idle screw and one screw on the carb (not 2) so what would be a good adjustment for this?

    Question #3
    I am sure that the oil that should be put in this is TCW3 but if I do not use that type of oil will it run good or do as described?

    Sorry if I have gone over my question limit and I am sure I will have more. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?



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      Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

      Sounds like a carb kit or carb adjustment is needed.

      Quick replied to question with no harm intended:

      1. You can search this site for info but a manual would be your best source for info.

      2. I would disassemble the carb and fuel pump (if separate) looking bad diaphragm, varnish from old gas, checking all ports with all screws seats removed using fine wire, carb cleaner, soak if needed, compressed air if needed. One turn from seat, might be a good starting point with the adjustment.

      3. Use the correct oil and ratio to prime/start or you could damage the cylinder. Correct oil is probably not the problem vs fuel supply.

      Good Luck And You Sound Close To Running But Correct Is The Goal! jow

      PS. Bottom Line! There Are No Instant Answers W/O Researching!!


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        Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

        according to the numbers you have listed 52179c that comes up as a 1982. on the left side of the carb there should be an adjustment screw and spring, that is for the idle mixture. it will have nothing to do with the operation at high speeds.the correct setting is one turn out for the idle screw. the jets are your high speed jets and are interchangable according to altitude to sea level 4 jets were made for that style carb. this problem you are having could be the fuel pump which is a diaphragm style or a dirty carb. if your careful you should be able to remove it, disassemble and soak overnight in two stroke mix. clean all parts completly and reassemble. you may need to do the same to the fuel pump as well replace parts that are worn or coroded.hope this gets you going in the right direction.


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          Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

          Carb is clean.

          The diaphragm may be the problem. I can put it up to my mouth and try to blow air through it. Feels like I am going to blow my cheeks out instead of it letting air pass.

          Is is supposed to be like that?


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            Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

            the diaphragm type fuel pump is mounted on the side of the cylinder block and ported to the upper crankcase. pressure and vacuum pulsations from the crankcase are directed through port to the rear of diaphragm. when the power head piston moves upward in its cylinder, vacuum in the crankcase draws the diaphragm inward and fuel enters the pump through filter and the inlet reed valve in reed plate. when the piston moves down in cylinder, crankcase pressure increases and the fuelpump diaphragm is forced outward into fuel chamber, and fuel passes through the outlet reed valve into the carbuerator line. defective or questionable parts should be replaced. pump valves should seat lightly and squarely on reed plate. diaphragm should be replaced if air leaks or cracks are found, or if deterioration is evident. also the reed petals could be suspect, if they are cracked broken or bent they will need to be replaced. to answer your question about blowing your cheeks off if it is in the closed position you will then blow your cheeks off, but if the diaphragm is not flucuating properly then it will never allow fuel to pass through.i have examined many diaphragms and they all look fine if no deterioration is evident but they still fail over time and from sitting idle,storage, drying out.i hope i gave you somewhere to look. is it possible to disconnect fuel line from the pump to inlet of carb to see if your getting a good fuel flow?


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              Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

              Originally posted by narwhals View Post
              when the power head piston moves upward in its cylinder, vacuum in the crankcase draws the diaphragm inward and fuel enters the pump through filter and the inlet reed valve in reed plate. when the piston moves down in cylinder, crankcase pressure increases and the fuelpump diaphragm is forced outward into fuel chamber,
              Well I contacted www.discount-marine-parts.com and he said if there was any bubble to the diaphragm then it is time to be replaced.

              Going off the quotation it seems that they should have a bit of a bubble to them.

              I did not find any cracks nor holes in it. He also stated that if you take it apart then you will need to at least replace the rings.

              When it comes to flow I have noticed the the bulb is harder when the gas tank is higher than the motor and when it is below it is on the squishy side.

              I assume it will be a good idea to replace this part as well.

              Yes thank you for the reply narwhals. I am just learning about all of this type of stuff so any words are help.


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                Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

                your welcome hope you can figure it out without spending too much money. i got lucky and was able to find the parts i needed to rebuild my fuel pump, they arrived today and i hope to be on water to test it out on sunday. best of luck to you


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                  Re: Chrystler Sea King 7.5?

                  So a new addition to the thread. I know having no oil in the foot can result in the whole thing going caputsk.

                  Well I just went to drain it and there was none in there at all. Could this be a problem with it not staying running?


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                    Re: Chrysler Sea King 7.5?

                    no that would not keep it from running unless you ran it long enough to completly seizr up the lower end. if you can manually turn all the parts you should be fine.


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                      Re: Chrysler Sea King 7.5?

                      Ok. So I ordered another diaphragm and installed it. Switched the oil from 2-stroke to TCW-3 and put oil in the foot.

                      I have a buddy of mine who helps me work on the motor in trade for taking him along.

                      Well we were working on it yesterday after the diaphragm was installed. He moved the 2 wires that go to the kill switch and all of the sudden it works like a champ.

                      He keeps trying to tell me that it was the wires making all of the problems.

                      I just do not see why those 2 wires would be a problem of the motor not running correctly. Would those 2 wires grounding out make the engine run bad or just kill the motor if they grounded out?


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                        Re: Chrysler Sea King 7.5?

                        Ok so I finally got the motor out on the water. Works great. I really think that it was the diaphragm. Thanks for all the help.