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7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

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  • 7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

    I just picked up a 7 HP Sears Ted Williams outboard, it was given to my by a friend. I am not really into the whole collecting of old motors thing, what I am really interested in is using this motor to propel my 12 ft. aluminum boat. I do not have the model number with me at work today but will look for it when I get home tonight. Based on what I have read elsewhere I believe it to be a mid-70's model.

    As this is the first outboard (old, new, or otherwise) I have ever owned I have a few questions:

    1. When I picked it up I put it in the bed of my pick-up truck to drive it home. Upon arriving at home I found that some oil had leaked out of it and onto the bed of my truck. It appeared to be coming out of the engine. This is a two stroke engine (as it requires oil to be mixed with the gas) so my question is where did this oil come from? The oil appeared to be fresh as it had not become discolored with use. Do I need to check an oil level somewhere since some of this has leaked out? Where do I check? and what kind of oil do I need to put in if it is low?

    2. There is a tag on the built-in tank that says to only use leaded gas. Since I do not know any place that still sells leaded gas do I need to get a lead additive for the gas? Is there a specific type of oil I need to add to the gas or will any outboard motor oil or two-stroke engine oil work?

    3. Can this motor be run out of the water for short periods of time? I would like to try and start it and see if it works but there is no lake close by. I have to trailer my boat about 35 miles to any water where I can use the motor. I would like to know it works before making the trek. If I cannot run this out of the water, do you have any inexpensive suggestions on how to create a set up that I can run it in water? The friend who gave it to me said it worked the last time he ran it but that was over 5 years ago.

    4. Can you give me a ball park for what this motor might be worth? I have read various posts on the internet that say anywhere from $50 to $350. That is a pretty wide range.

    5. How long (on average) can the motor run on the built-in gas tank? I did not get a remote tank with the motor, nor did I get the remote fuel line so I am going to have to use the built in tank until I can locate a fuel line and tank. Can you tell me if the tank and fuel line are readily available and can you give me a rough idea of what they might cost and where I might find them?

    6. Is there anything else that I may need to know about this motor?

    Thank you for your assistance!

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    Re: 7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

    I have a 7.5 hp Montgomery Wards Sea King that I use on my 12' jon boat and it pushes it fine, but not real fast. From what I have reas they are similiar motors. According to the manual for mine (it's a '79) unleaded gas is fine. The mix that was recommended to me was 50:1 using tcw3 outboard oil.

    If the motor is air cooled you could probably run it out of the water for a few seconds, but I would not recommend it. Get yourself a wooden folding chair and a garbage can. Mount the motor on the chair and place the leg in the can and fill with water until it covers the water intake.

    If it has sat for 5 years, I would be careful trying to start it. Check the impeller first, to see if it is ok, if you can't try and start it and if it doesn't pump water within 10 seconds, shut it down. The impeller should be replaced. Also, the carb will probably need cleaned or rebuilt. If it won't fire, remove the spark plug and check for spark. If yoou have spark take a spray bottle with mixed gas and shoot some into the plug hole, this should get it to "pop."

    The tank is about 40 oz and will run at half throttle for about an hour. There was a remote tank option, but I don't have any info on it.

    This info is be no means gospel, just me opinion.

    Hope this helps,


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      Re: 7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

      Thanks for the info.


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        Re: 7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

        Ok, I try to answer your questioned one by one base to my knowledge.
        The oil that is leaking is the prop.oil. In the upper part of the prop. you can see two screws left and right. One is for vent, the other one big screw is the feed (you can add oil). Any marine gear oil is fine. Note: while adding gear oil open the vent screw. If you can find the oil is drifting in the vent screw, the oil is enough. Return both screw. Maintenance: Every 15 to 20 hours ,try to check and add if neccesary.

        2. Unleaded Gas is Fine. It does not affect the motor. Most important thing just follow the exact mixture that is recommended (1/2pint of S.A.F 30 or 40 to a gal. gas). Oil use is 2cycle for air cooled engine.

        3. This motor is air-cooled but the lower part is water cooled. There is a imp.and water pump. Its not recommended to run w/out water. But you can, for short duration of time. Place it in the bucket of water. But do not rely the performance in this action. The best thing is to place it with your boat.

        4. This motor cost 300 for good perfect condition. Check in Ebay

        5. Internal gas tank can run approx. 1.5 hours in full trot. with the maximun speed of 8.2 miles per hour (for 7HP motor)


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          Re: 7 HP Ted Williams Outboard Questions...

          Thanks for all your good information!