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Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

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  • Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

    Hi all, I have an older (approx. 1970s') Chrysler Sea King 20 HP recoil start tiller steer that I used with good luck for several years. I ran the boat to shore during a rain storm about 7 years ago and didn't run the fuel out of the carb. Its been garage kept while I pursued other interest. I attempted to start it a month ago and as expected it wouldn't start. I took it to a "marine center" and after 3 weeks their "mechanic" told me today that parts for it are not available, but he could sell me a nice replacement motor. I smelled a rat and told him I would get back with him. As it is still at the marine center I don't
    have its model number as of now.
    Here is my question; Can parts be found for a motor that old, if so where, and how difficult is it to put a kit carb the carb. by myself? I am mechanically inclined, used to help my brother rebuild car motors, and amateur an amuteur gunsmith, so i am putz a putz in that respect. But I have almost no experience with outboard motors. I found this board out of desperation and need some help.
    Also, I have heard that the newer O/B motors are much more powerful than older ones as I have. ie new type, ie. horsepower, motor would correspond 20 an older 20 HP in regards to power?

    Eterry Thanks for the assist,

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    Re: Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

    Get the motor back from the mechanic. Carb kit and fuel pump kits are availible here at Iboats and also from any NAPA parts store. Impellers and water pumps, fuel pumps are still availible. The biggest problems you will find is getting gear unit parts like forward, reverse gears, Coils and stators. If you are in search of a specific part you can not find post it here and someone will help you find it. Carb rebuild is easy on this motor as well as the fuel pump. I would concentrate on those two parts and replacing all the hoses and primer bulb. Get that far and if motor dont start post back here.

    Good Luck


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      Re: Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

      Thanks for the quick replay eurolarva. I guess my next step is to get an owners manual for it, then get some parts. I saw a manual here, will double check for year of manufactor and get the appropriate one. When I get in trouble I will post again for help, and will keep you updated. Any others with advise, comments, or opinion feel free to ring in.


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        Re: Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

        Oh, I forgot one more thing. Should I replace the impellor? The one in it was about 3 years old when I stored the motor, with minimal hours on it. Can you give me your thoughts on replacing it while I am working on the motor?


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          Re: Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

          I will probably get roasted for this response but I say leave it if it was replaced 3 years ago. A lot of people have not replaced them in 20 years and they still work. My biggest problem was when replacing them they would go bad in the next couple of outings The season is half over so maybe do it next season. If you go to www.chryslercrew.com you can buy and download factory service manuals to your exact model. If not stay with the cylmer manual if you can. If you post your model number I can tell you what year your motor is. Should be located somewhere around the carburator on the lower cowl.


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            Re: Parts for older 20HP Chrysler Sea King

            Dont worry about getting roasted for sharing your opinion, thats what I asked for. I have talked to a couple different people and they all give me different answers. I think I will leave it as is for now and concentrate on getting it running. This is my 2nd Sea King, my 1st was a 1949 5hp my uncle gave me in 1990. I bought a Gale manual and got it running and loved it. The spark control made it easy to troll with, and it seemed strong for a 5 hp motor. I finally broke a ring and sold it in a garage sale, then I stumbled onto the 20 hp. When tuned it is easy to crank; good thing as hand cranking that big a motor isnt easy in a small alluminum boat.

            I bought a new plastic tank, fuel line and primer bulb and had them on the motor when I took it to the guy. As soon as I get it back from him I will check out the model number and get back to you, but if memory serves me correct it was a 1970 -1972 model. Will check out chryslercrew, might be better than buying the whole manual for one motor.
            Thanks for the assist,