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Pull start will not engage engine

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  • Pull start will not engage engine

    I have a 9.9hp Gamefisher. The model number I found on it is #225581997 and has a serial number of 0E105597. I'm not sure of the year because I got it used. It is on a 13' Holt Van aluminum. My problem is when I try to start it the pull start will pull out, but the motor will not engage. There is still plenty of tension on the pull cord as it retracts back in. I have removed the upper portion of the pull cord and all I can see inside are bearings. I'm not sure how when you pull this it starts the motor. I am able to move the flywheel by hand and the prop does spin. The motor has run. This has happend once before, the pull cord was taken off, turned upside down and reinstalled. Motor started right up. Any help would be appreciated. This has stranded my son and I while fishing and I just want to make sure we are going to be safe. Dad's arms get tired of rowing back to the dock. I have fished for many years, but this is the first boat I've owned. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Pull start will not engage engine



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      Re: Pull start will not engage engine

      Not familiar with your motor, but on most there is a metal crown that bolts onto the flywheel. The pull start mechanism generally has little teeth that extend when the rope is pulled. These teeth engage the crown, and hold tight so the flywheel will turn when the rope is pulled. These crowns also generally have a slot cut in the top rim, so when the pull start craps out you can take a rope with a knot in one end, insert the rope into the slot, wind the rope around the crown and pull the rope to spin the flywheel and start the motor. That's a primer...hope it leads you to a solution.


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        Re: Pull start will not engage engine

        Just looked at Sears web site on this motor and it says "Model SAFETY PROBLEM WITH FLYWHEEL-OUTBOARD MOTOR - 225581997 (STARTER ASSEMBLY)" you should find out what they are talking about. I could not get any info from the site.


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          Re: Pull start will not engage engine

          Sometimes the Arms in the recoil can get rusty and stick, i'd remove the plate and use wd40 on it. then pull a few times to see if they move out


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            Re: Pull start will not engage engine

            Thanks for the info guys. I will take a look at it this weekend. I saw that on sears website also, so I called the 800 number, but they couldn't tell me what it was about. I will try back to see if I can get more help. Thanks again.