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Champion outboard water pump

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  • Champion outboard water pump

    Hey guys,finally got the motor up and running great except I believe she's not pumping water. The shaft is getting really hot an it seems so is the motor. I took off the prop to lessen the turbulence to no avail. What should I be looking for when I pull the lower unit,I'm not familiar with this kind of pump and info is scarce F-R if your out there HELP again or anyone else. Thanks again in advance.

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    There really isn't much to go wrong with the pump except for badly worn out bearings. See if you can blow air, or better yet, water into the bottom end of the return tube behind the prop. It should go backwards through the system and come out wherever it normally would enter.

    It's also possible the water jacket around the cylinder is plugged with rust. UM.....that is a cast iron cylinder, right ???? Or not ???

    Hey, it's been 50 years or so, since I've even seen one of those. Sometimes my forgetter works better than my rememberer.


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      Most Outboard Motors have a protracted history of transition. Champion Outboard was no exception. we've assembled from several sources, the history of Champion's production. we tend to feel this data is correct, however we tend to area unit wide receptive corrections.
      It looks the Champion Outboard name has been around from 1927 through 1957. The story starts in 1927 with 3 gentlemen from St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr.Henry Dolan, Sig Teodor Josef Konrad Korzeniowski and Dutch Witch. They turn out some thirty tiny one.5 power unit outboards consideration thirty pounds every. They named the limited fellow "Champion"....


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        Thanks F-R for the early morning laugh,I'm going to tear her apart today,one more question then I'll leave you alone on my 62 evinrude I had to remove the power head to drop the lower unit do I have to do the same for the champion? I hope not. Thanks G for the info about the start up of the champion outboard.i definatly want to get her running the way she did 70+ years ago.


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          My forgetter continues to function, but I'm reasonably sure there is no need to remove the powerhead on the Champ.


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            Was able to remove lower unit without removing the power head. I ran water via nozzle into what I think is the intake tube and it came out the other one,so I'm reasonably sure it isn't blocked I blew air into the exit tube and could not get the air to go through,is this a problem or is it supposed to be that way?the impeller looked ok it's made out of metal,not much to it. I pit the shaft back into the motor and spun the flywheel by hand and noticed the lower end of the shaft wasn't turning,ant thoughts on that?well I'm tired and tomorrows another day look forward to a little more advice thanks F-R you've been a big help.