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  • Champion 1J212

    Hello again, I recently got the motor running but I'm not seeing any water discharge from anywhere. Does anyone know if these outboards are air cooled? I believe it's either a 1946-47,with 4.2 hp I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks

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    It is water cooled. Having said that, it has a centrifugal water pump and a second water tube extending back down to the pump region. That second tube is a siphon tube so the weight of the water going up equals the weight of the water going back down. Because it is a siphon system, it will not work if there are any leaks in the cooling system. Because there cannot be any leaks, there cannot be any above water discharge holes. The only way to tell if it is cooling is if it gets hot. Fortunately, there is very little to go wrong with the cooling system other than getting plugged up.

    BTW, those systems don't work very well if running in a tank. Too much turbulence and air in the water. Run it on a boat, where it is designed to run.


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        Thank you for the info F-R that helps a great deal,what would be considered hot and where would I check for this. I ran her for about5 min and touched midway down the shaft and it was warm I didn't want to run her any longer for fear if there was a water pump it wasn't working. Is there a temp range I should be looking for,or is putting my hand on motor and can't keep it there because it's to hot ok. I know this is a lot of questions,but this is only my third old outboard I'm trying to bring back to life. Any more help would be great,thanks in advance.


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          Since it cannot expel water up high, it cannot spray water into the exhaust housing to cool that. So that is expected to get quite hot. Put your hand on the cylinder to check. It should not be overly hot.

          About running it in a tank: Remove the propeller to prevent the turbulence. But don't over rev it.


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            Ok thanks,I'll take the prop off and give it a try. Now I'm getting a small backfire through the carb when I slow her down,could that be a timing issue,it's always something when working on older motors but my guess is the newer ones are just as finicky. Thanks for all your advice,I really appreciate it.


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              Backfiring through the carb is a symptom of running too lean on the slow speed adjustment. Tweak it a bit toward rich (clockwise). Yep, it works backwards on that one. Should be open about 1/2 to 3/4 turn (more or less)


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                Thanks F-R ill do that I cleaned the carb before I installed it,now I'm sure I need a rebuild kit. I finally found one and am anxiously waiting its arrival,should have done that right from the beginning but was anxious to see if the motor would run. Thanks for all your help,and I'll keep you posted on its progress.