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need help with Hiawatha 5 hp

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  • need help with Hiawatha 5 hp

    Im new to this old motor repair. Fist off cant find the year of it. The oil/grease for the lower unit changed at some point and I can't figure out what it should take. Smell of it is oil but trying to replace it with the recommended 80-90 Marine will not stay inn.it seeps out of the vent and two small holes.please help

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    Model 65-om3-25-7970a Hiawatha 5 hp


    • #3
      Your motor is a 1947, made by Gale Products Division of OMC. Those motors had rather poor seals when new, and were designed to use "Outboard Motor Gear Grease", no longer made. Most people use Lubriplate 105 "Motor Assembly Grease", available from NAPA Auto Parts Stores.

      Because of the poor seals, frequent re-lubrication was needed to get the water out. People accepted that back in 1947 as normal.


      • #4
        It takes lubiplate grease. 1956 year 5 hp motor
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          Page 62 http://www.skoterskroten.com/img/arsmodellstabell.pdf


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            Thank you both. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. . Btw I take her or she doesn't let it go lol😡


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              Put up a pic of your motor because a 1956 will NOT take lubriplate grease as it's a scott built motor with gearshift takes 80w90. A 1947 will take lubriplate.


              • #8
                How lol.the site says the file exceeds limit no matter how I try to up load it.I've tried the oil and it comes right back out through the vent and two small holes above the gear housing


                • #9
                  Site will not let me add a picture. Did get the lubriplate inn.its a 1947.Thanks again for the help. Now on to the gas and hopefully it runs😆


                  • #10
                    How or where can I get a manual for the motor? Got it to start a couple of times briefly. Now I get nothing grr.


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                      This is for a 1948. Close enough. Besides, it's free


                      • #12
                        Thank you FR got it to run but not constantly. Thinking there's a float issue or siffion problem Rom the tank.plus there's no cooling of the engine going on.


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                          Ok fellas I'm back.. well so I have recently been told it's a 1956. Finally got it starting and running then found out it had a bad impeller. I replaced it to day. Well now it won't start nor even attempt to start. Here is my questions lol.. 1. Is the propeller supposed to turn free while starting? 2. I can't seem to find a neutral point to get it to pull freely. What could I have done wrong??


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                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CX0mT_-9y8 does your motor look like this?


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                              No it's the other one. 56. Black knobs