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1986/87 Crusader 270 Stalls about 5 minutes AFTER running fine

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  • 1986/87 Crusader 270 Stalls about 5 minutes AFTER running fine

    1986/87 Crusader 270 (I say '86/'87 because I seem to have two engines that have some 86 parts, some 87, but are both original.. perhaps right at the change from 86 to 87 productions.. IDK)

    Engine starts, idles, runs great. Go out on water and run both engines up to crusing 3200 RPR, runs fantastic, not a hiccup. I can run for hours, no problems. Head back to marina. Idle into marina around to my dock (which is about 5-6 minute runtime from the river into the marina, and dock). While maneuvering through the marina canal at idle after about 5 minutes coming off 3200RMP, starboard engine will stall. It will immediately fire right back up, and stay running but this happens everytime coming back into dock.

    It seems as though it happens when I'm making a starboard side turn around the canal, but it may also be that I get to that spot in the same time period, as I have had it stall from just idle without turning. I did adjust idle a bit, and the mixture screws, but still having the problem.

    I also installed a new coil, a different distributor, new plugs, new canister fuel filter (not at carb..yet) and different wires (different=swapped from port side engine). Gas is fresh. Also while running everything looks correct on guages, temp, oil etc.. all good. Engine oil looks good, clean with only about 20 hours.

    Just wondering if anyone has suggestions where to look; carb adjustment, fuel filter, pump, etc.. Or have an opinion as to what would cause this stalling scenario.

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    Look at your plugs and if they are black then your running rich.

    From other thread your 140 compression may not be an issue but could cause some symptoms. Issue with 140 depends on the gauge accuracy, was the throttle wide open, engine warm, how fast the starter turned the motor over.
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