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VIDEO 1995 Indar 5.7 Prostar 205 WOT Low RPMs Lacks Power Out of Hole

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  • VIDEO 1995 Indar 5.7 Prostar 205 WOT Low RPMs Lacks Power Out of Hole

    I've been working on this prostar for the summer, and it seems like I keep finding issues with it. I made a video showing how the boat performs at WOT. It struggles to accelerate, and won't get to high RPMs under load, but if I put it in neutral and rev the engine, it has no problem reaching more than 5,000 RPMs.

    Here is the video: https://youtu.be/70l_0R1_7ag

    Any thought on what I should look at?

    One thought I had was that it was prop related because the previous owner lived in AZ, and I"m in UT now. The elevation difference is 3,500 feet from the lakes he was on to the lakes I ride.

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    In you older thread there was mentioning of the timing chain being off one tooth and had some codes, and exhaust leak, also said it was fixed. The boat was running great for a little while until the motor was shut off. When restarted it would not go above 2500 rpms.


    Reving the motor to 5K is not a great thing to do, and it also uses next to no gas compared to under load. Doubt its the prop, because a high altitude motor would need a lower pitch prop then a lower altitude one. Using a boat which ran well at high would need more pitch when brought down to low.

    Suggest doing a compression test, then check fuel pressure.
    Need to scan for codes
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      Thanks for the reply. I ended up listing the boat for sale, and someone picked it up for the asking price. I'm going to try and keep contact with the new owner to see if he ends up finding a solution.