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Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

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  • Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

    I was out cruising today, went to switch into reverse and heard a bang. now it wont go into reverse and just makes a clicking sound. maybe stripped a gear. anyway i wanted to remove to outdrive to get a better look. anyone have some instructions for me? it looks pretty simple with just the 6 bolts.

    any help is greatly appreciated

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    Re: Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

    Just Reverse? Forward works fine?


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      Re: Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

      Last chapter of the manual brotha...http://www.mediafire.com/?j74z0nib459gh
      On the plus side, I don't know what I talking about.
      1988 Phantom 190 4.3 OMC Cobra
      1995 Sea-Doo XP 717


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        Re: Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

        easy sleazy-lust the 6 bolts and ur off to the races. The hard part is after you get the drive off, separated the upper and lower (also easy) got it all apart-easy, bought the gearset from ebay for an incredible low price of $279, but now put it together and set the preload on the ring/pinion gear cluster without that stupid tool is where it starts to get confusing. I would start with the old "take the lower shift cable off the motor bracket and try to manually shift with your have while a beer-swilling friend turns the prop" route before taking the outdrive out. If you are going to go after the lower gearset in your driveway, pack a lunch when you do cause it takes a little while.


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          Re: Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

          well, little update. I have the lower unit off, now according to the manual i need quite a few special tools to take out the gears. anyone done this with just a standard tool set? I may just end up taking the lower unit to the marina to have the reverse gear replaced. (assuming that's the problem)

          also, yes the forward works just fine. its just reverse


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            Re: Removing 1988 OMC Cobra Outdrive help

            yeeeah, I looked at it and figured that I could get to everything but the part in the assembly where you figure out the shim distance on the pinion gears. I looked and looked for specs as I have digital calipers so I could set it up if I knew what it was supposed to be, or even the exact length of that tool. If you find it let me know because I basically adjusted my linkage to hold fwd hard and its not slipping anymore but I know it will be back to haunt me. there is a guy selling the gearsets for 279 on ebay right now which is cheap.