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NADA price guides for outboards??? really?

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  • NADA price guides for outboards??? really?

    interesting reads. according to the nada outboard guide most motors pre 99 should only be around 300.00 or less. WOW so how come no one knows this? we should all be picking up some ob's for cheap! my 88 15hp is only worth 265. its mint and i gotta fix the stupid carb cover. out here in norcal this lil evi is worth 600 on the low, 900 on the high. a beat up salt water will fetch 300 here.
    as for my 89 merc, 45hp, its only worth 265 as well.
    just wondering where the estimated values are coming from? and in your areas, is this the fair price from the nada guide?
    46 johnson td 20
    54 evi 7.5
    56 johnny 5.5
    54 johnny 10hp
    72 johnny 20hp
    76 johnny 15hp
    68 evi 18hp elect start
    82 johnny 15 sailmaster
    83 evi 9.9 shorty
    84 evi 50 hp, remote, freebie
    85 johnny 30hp ls
    86 evi 4hp
    89 evi 15hp
    87 merc classic 50
    lots o parts
    81 12 foot valco wide body
    85 15' 9" bayrunner
    87 14 foot bayliner
    i dont have a omc problem, so i have a few motors..

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    Re: NADA price guides for outboards??? really?

    NADA is a "Percentage Only" guide. True market value is not factored in and should only be used as a "finance guide" IMHO.
    "If it ain't broke....don't worry, 5 minutes with me and it will be!"

    1996 Trophy 1802 - 120hp Force (by Mercury...snicker)
    8' Hardbottom Dinghy w/Evinrude 6hp OB (oh yeah, this is the 'boat')
    In the market for nice, local area, sailboat, with the operative word being-"cheap"


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      Re: NADA price guides for outboards??? really?

      I suppose they take the suggested retail and run it out by a percentage each year of age or something.

      I tried running my own boat and trailer just to see, and I got a value returned that was at least in the ballpark for
      what I'd try and get if I wanted to sell, certainly more reasonable numbers than they were showing for your outboard example.


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        Re: NADA price guides for outboards??? really?

        NADA is WAY low on used engines, My 1998 Johnson 70hp 4 stroke is "valued" at ~800$!!!!!! Minimum I've been offered on trade is 2500$ and 2 dealers said they could sell it for 3500$ in under a week. My Grandpa's 130hp Yamaha 2 stroke is valued at ~400$, would sell for 2000$ in a hurry on craigslist.
        87' Kennedy 20' Pontoon....... well some of it is.......
        3rd Pontoon + integrated transom + strakes just on the 3rd
        98' Johnzuki 70hp 4 stroke (looking for a Johnson/Suzuki 115)
        29mph @ 5900rpm swinging a 14x13 Turbo Pontoon1 stainless
        Freshly overhauled by beefing up and adding more tube to cross member supports, deck extended from 16' to 19.5', Playpen extended from 13' to 16.5', And a new 3/4" deck/carpet/furniture!