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Coleman Outboards

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  • Coleman Outboards

    Anybody know who is building the 5, 9.9 and 15 HP 4-stroke outboards for Coleman?

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    Re: Coleman Outboards

    That Chinese manufacturer that operates under a variety of names...In the end its a Parsun.
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      Re: Coleman Outboards

      Ahhhh sooo! Ran into the display at my local farm store today.


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        Re: Coleman Outboards

        Hey, Wal-mart sells them. That means they must be good!
        Please no PMs. My mailbox is full anyway......


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          Re: Coleman Outboards

          Yeah the local Mills Fleet Farm is selling them....and people are looking at them seriously. Why would anyone seriously consider it? Does Fleet Farm sell you parts for it? How about a water pump kit? Will Fleet Farm service it? What happens if you want a different prop? Will they do your warranty work?

          (Sarcasm: ON) It says Coleman, therefor it must be a great outboard! Since Coleman is so well known for its outboards... (Sarcasm: OFF)


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            Re: Coleman Outboards

            Coleman is certainly well know for lending out their brand name for any old POS that's for sure.
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              Re: Coleman Outboards

              Originally posted by ziemann View Post
              Yeah the local Mills Fleet Farm is selling them....and people are looking at them seriously. Why would anyone seriously consider it?
              The chinese trim motors don't hold up nearly as well as the US trim motors. They use steel in places where they should use stainless, their rubber seals crack and leak more quickly, their aluminum alloy is softer, the paint does not hold up under duress, and the windings have a tendency to short against body and cause increased galvanic corrosion.

              If they can't build something as simple as a trim motor or a valve body then why would I expect them to be any good at building a whole outboard?

              I recently had a guy from Russia contact me to buy some rebuilt mercury trim systems. I mentioned that he would probably be better off with a used mercury trim motor than a new chinese one. He sent back "yes, yes, chinese bad". So it isn't just an american thing.


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                Re: Coleman Outboards

                People in Iraq did'nt even use stuff from China. There was a guy on here looking to buy some chinese built 15hp 4-stroke OB. Coleman stuff barely gets by as it is, even if it's made for camping. Let alone something as complicated as a OB


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                  Re: Coleman Outboards

                  iv'e heard they are bad for vibration


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                    Re: Coleman Outboards

                    buyer beware when it comes to these motors. especially Canadians like myself. These motors are Chinese and made by Parsun. Im having such a hard time right now with them and even sent a message to Rich Godfrey & Associates who brought these motor over here from China and they are the ones handling issues. Coleman great camping gear thats about it.


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                      Re: Coleman Outboards

                      I'm looking for an outboard, glad I saw this! Thanks for posting.


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                        Re: Coleman Outboards

                        I Believe you meant the company that bought up Coleman and started sticking the name on all sorts of crap. I still like my old coleman camping gear but some of the new stuff is beyond garbage.

                        Not sure who they sold the name to to stick on RVs but haven't been impressed by the quality.