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How much oil is a 50:1

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  • How much oil is a 50:1

    I have the most basic question and I feel very dumb for asking but I am getting mixed answers, how much oil do I need to mix per gal of gas to get a 50:1 I have been mixing 2.5 ounces per gal but I have been reading a few forums and I think I am mixing lean on the oil

    Sorry to be so out there But thank you for the help


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    Re: How much oil is a 50:1

    I mix mine at 16 ounces for a 6 gallon tank, you're pretty darned close to mine.
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      Re: How much oil is a 50:1

      I think you are very close, I buy the small 2 stroke STIHL chain saw oil which is just about 2 oz and they say it makes 1 gal of pre-mix.
      A gallon has 128 fl oz, divide that by 50 and you get 2.56 oz so you are very close to being right on.


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        Re: How much oil is a 50:1

        i own an inboard outboard, never had to worry about the oil. how expensive is this oil. like if you bought a gallon. how long does it last. i cant put 20 dollars of gas in my tank and ride for like three days. was considering on buying something with a two stroke, do i need to reconsider


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          Re: How much oil is a 50:1

          buy one of these, you can mix any ratio or amount you want.
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            Re: How much oil is a 50:1

            I follow the directions on the label. It gives mixtures for different ratios. I buy Stihl oil for my Stihl chainsaww. For my weedeater and hedge trimmer by Poulan, I buy what's on sale for that type of motor (air-cooled). For my outboards, I buy Yammy or Quicksilver oil. That's made for outboards.

            Years ago Texaco, Havoline, and other brand oils were red. I heard that type of oil blew up outboard motors, so I stayed with green or blue. That may be snake oil hype, but I wasn't taking any chances with my outboards.
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              Re: How much oil is a 50:1

              useing a johnson/evenrude two cycle oil use the tcw-3 50 to1 would be like 16 ounces of oil to6 gallons of gas or 8 ounces of oil to 3 gallons. a calculater will help you out with smaller amounts. i also add 1 ounce of seafoam to ever gallon of gas. for great performance. maintains clean carbs..


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                Re: How much oil is a 50:1

                Here's a chart you can print out and put on your garage wall - http://www.challengers101.com/files/FuelMix.pdf
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