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More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

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  • More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

    Hey, All
    I'm really getting lots of info from these forums... Thanks!
    Getting my head around a NEW boat. Needs to be entry level.
    I'm still likeing the idea of an OB... Anyone with experience w/ a 90 2stroke on the Glastron 170?
    Use the boat to tube, fish and pull my kids on a wake board.

    Thanks lot's, Gary

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    Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

    What is the max rating of the boat? The general rule is to choose a motor no less than 75% of the max rating. So if its rated for a 90hp get a motor no less than 70 hp and no more than the max of 90 hp. Get the max if possible.


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      Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

      Thanks, I think the max is 150, there staring pkg is w/ a 90 yamaha


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        Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

        if this is the boat you are looking at, i say go with one of the 115hp.
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          Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

          I have a 90 on a V156 glastron. It goes 36 MPH. You might want a little more HP on the 17 footer.


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            Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

            Warning: A Boating Disease called 2 foot fever may strike within one year of purchasing a new boat.

            I know it is easier to spend your money than mine but serious advice..... go with a bigger motor and maybe add a foot or so to the boat now. It happens to all of us and if you are going to ski, wakeboard or tube you will need a bigger boat. It's human nature.

            The additional size not only is in length but it is normally in the sides of the boat too. A little larger boat will allow you to go into bigger waters and afford more safety to the family.

            Bayliner makes a decent entry level 175 but it is low to the water.

            Visit a good dealer who will let you try out a few boats.
            This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
            Please, shop iboats first!!


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              Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

              I have the same exact boat as the one you are considering buying except mine is a 2005. I had the option to go with the 90 as standard power or the 115, 135, or the max, 150. I without question got the 150 mercury XR6. It is a choice that i by far will never regret. I can pull up three tubers with 4 people on them and have 5 people in the boat and it will not struggle. By yourself, the boat is scary fast. Holeshot is less than 3 seconds and youll be at 55-60 mph within seconds of getting up to plane. I am not trying to brag, im telling facts. This boat with a 150 on it is scary fast and very powerful. Remember its only 17.1 ft and 1500 lbs w/o the engine. I will a pic and a link of tubing videos with the boat pulling three tubes and 4 people in the boat after i get off of work.
              2005 Glastron SX 170
              2005 150 Mercury XR6

              1999 fisher V-1667 utility
              1992 Mercury 40 classic (4cyl)


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                90 Won't be enough

                You will definitely want more than a 90 on that boat. Bob has hit it on the head too; after you've had the boat a season or two and the head-swimming of the new has worn off, you'll be thinking you could really use a little more boat.

                Test driving a couple of models is a great idea; try to go out when it's a bit rough so you can see how each boat feels in some decent chop. It generally requires more power to push a boat through rough-seas.
                The wetter, the better.


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                  Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                  after hitting the 90hp range the price of engines do not climb as fast as the HP rating do, a 115 should be less than 1000$ more than a 90 and provide decent power for that boat. What engine manufacture options do you have on that boat, mercury only? jumping to a 140-150hp engine will only add less than 100# to the back of the boat also.
                  87' Kennedy 20' Pontoon....... well some of it is.......
                  3rd Pontoon + integrated transom + strakes just on the 3rd
                  98' Johnzuki 70hp 4 stroke (looking for a Johnson/Suzuki 115)
                  29mph @ 5900rpm swinging a 14x13 Turbo Pontoon1 stainless
                  Freshly overhauled by beefing up and adding more tube to cross member supports, deck extended from 16' to 19.5', Playpen extended from 13' to 16.5', And a new 3/4" deck/carpet/furniture!


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                    Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                    Frank, Is your Avatar your 36 mph boat? If so, you had better check your speedometer. That boat is doing more like 45-50.

                    Besides a 90 on that boat will do 45-50.....trust me.

                    If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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                      Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)


                      Once I bought a new boat (bought several over the years), first new one. Lowballed it to save money and got a smaller than allowable engine.

                      About a month later I was back at the dealer taking a licking on trading my new (now used) underpowered engine in on one large enough to do the job.

                      Get as big as you can within ratings. You don't have to use it all if you don't want......................................but I don't bet you will, I know you will. Grin.

                      Once spent the money is gone forever. The boat will be with you to enjoy for as long as you want.

                      If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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                        Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                        A 115hp will be more than enough power to pull skiers and tubers, yet it will still deliver decent fuel mileage. Remeber an outboard used roughly 10% of the hp per hour at WOT so a 150 uses 15 gallons per hour and a 115 uses about 11.5 gallons per hour. It adds up quickly over the years.
                        1996 Crestliner 2160 Phantom, 1996 Evinrude 130 HP


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                          Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                          Hello all. I own a 2000 Glastron SX-170 with a Johnson 115hp 2 stroke. I feel this is a perfect setup. I top out at around 47-48 MPH with a 19p prop, which is plenty fast. I only pull a single tube, but no issues whatsoever.

                          This is my first boat and it is suprisingly roomy for a 17 footer. This is due to having an outboard. There is way more room than a 18 ft I/O. Great starter boat and great motor. Johnny 2 strokes will last decades.

                          I would recommend the 115hp. I think the 150hp is too much for that size boat. Good luck.


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                            Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                            One other comment. I have a 15 1/2 foot Cheetah bass boat with a 93 Yamaha 115 and absolutely love the engine. The holeshot is great, it's just a sweet running ride. Best engine by far I've ever owned and picked up the rig for $2800 to make it even sweeter. But, it's primarily a fishing rig, and occasional recreation. Yeah, I know, it'd be better if I had a real fish-and-ski, but then I wouldn't have this sweet Yamaha 115.

                            That said, if your kids want to do some real wakeboarding, and you're going for more of a ski boat, have you considered getting a real wakeboarding boat? That would be something like a (used?) Mastercraft, Ski Nautique, Malibu, etc? Sorry guys, I still prefer inboards as far as reliability and ability for the backyard mechanic to work on them, and they are the boat of choice for true wakeboarders. If you are like me with little marine experience but adequate automotive skills, that car-engine-in-a-boat is something I'm partial too, plus there's ton of more torque when you add those weight sacks to the back of your boat to provide that huge wake for your kids to jump. I'm almost 40, but bought a wakeboard about 10 years ago but have always tried to wakeboard behind fish and skis, and it stinks! There's no wake! You can't jump if there's nothing to jump!

                            Alright, that said, you could always get a Malibu wedge installed on your ski boat transom that essentially plows the water to provide a nice wake too. Not sure if that's as good or comparable to wakeboarding boats though, but if you're thinking about spending $20,000 on a boat, that much money would get you a really nice used I/O with a 350/351 cu in engine with torque to boot. --Steve


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                              Re: More?'s is a 90 fast enough (new glastron)

                              Texasmark: Nope! That avatar is my toy. Only use it when boat police are not around. It is a 14 foot flat bottom with a Force 90. It is going 56 at 5600 RPM with a 21 pitch SS prop. When I get a Round Tuit, I am going to jack the engine and maybe install Boyeson reeds to see if I can get over 60. In my collection, I have a stock chrysler prop with 25 inch pitch. When I jack the engine, I'm going to try it. Right now, it jumps out of the hole and is immediately doing 45 then as I feed in up trim the rpm and mph simultaneously climb to 56 at max trim. If you look closely, you will see that it is riding on only about 2 feet of hull. Need to put turn fins on it. Every time I run it, I run it for 2 hours then take it home and glue it for 8 hours. Go to Chrysler Crew and see my photo album. You will see how I specially re-inforced the transom to take the power. Had to re-inforce the bottom too!