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outboard overrevs on turns

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  • outboard overrevs on turns

    I have a quicksilver 300 inflatable and it is a great handler, able to turn on the spot at high speeds and very light. The problem I have is with the engine revving out like it has slipped out of gear on tight high speed turns. This has happened with more than one outboard on this boat. I get the impression that it is cavitation from the wash created by the tail pods from doing these turns. Is there a way to reduce this or is it the price you pay for being able to turn so quickly.

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    Re: outboard overrevs on turns

    Your prop is sucking air, AKA - ventilating.Maybe ask the question in the 'prop' section.
    Watch this space......................


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      Re: outboard overrevs on turns

      This guy has been selling a type of trim tab for inflatables on ebay for quite some time. He has a lot of good reviews from his customers.Maybe it would help with your problem.Maybe send him an email and ask him.sellers name is maximarine_com heremaximarine dot com is his website
      Medford, WI


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        Re: outboard overrevs on turns

        If you can't trust a comment like 'Great Ebayer AAAAAA++++++++!!!!!!!!' Then there is something wrong with the world.Seriously though thanks for the link Roscoe. I'll look into the postage costs but these may help the slow to get on the plane problem I also have.


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          Re: outboard overrevs on turns

          Naturally the motor pictured will cavitate in turns. Look at the prop. If it were me I'd take the money for those tabs and put toward a prop with at least some cup.


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            Re: outboard overrevs on turns

            That is a typical symptom of the motor being mounted too high. 1" can make a difference.


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              Re: outboard overrevs on turns

              Are we not pushing Smart tabs anymore or aren't they made for inflatables?


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                Re: outboard overrevs on turns

                Another reason why many long-time inflatable owners run long shaft engines on their boats. Performance props for that size engine are few and far between. Either slow down, don't turn as sharp, or get a long shaft. You are tempting fate by continuing to take high-speed tight turns in a light inflatable.


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                  Re: outboard overrevs on turns

                  Now those tabs are what I would call fugly. How on earth does that boat reverse?