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Cleaning Aluminum

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  • Cleaning Aluminum

    I have an old Evinrude Zephyr that I would like to clean-up. It is mostly unpainted aluminum that is dull and dirty.I need some magic solution to spray on and rinse later; and get beautiful, new-looking aluminum.Anyone?

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    Re: Cleaning Aluminum

    Here's a recipe for a homemade aluminum cleaner. There are also commercial products available, but a little elbow grease is going to be needed as well:1/4 cup cream of tartar1/4 cup vinegar1/4 cup baking soda2 tablespoons soap flakesMix cream of tartar and baking soda together. Add vinegar and stir to make a paste. Stir in soap flakes. Store mixture in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Rub small amount of the cleaner onto aluminum and scour with fine steel wool.

    Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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      Re: Cleaning Aluminum

      By the way, that Zephyr is a cool, cool motor. It's probably the smallest 4-cylinder engine every produced commercially. If it's running, you have quite a nice collector's item. If it's not, it can be repaired, or will make a great decoration.

      Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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        Re: Cleaning Aluminum

        When you add 1/4 cup of baking soda to a 1/4 cup of vinegar you are going to get a lot of foam, stand back . Chemically sounds like circular logic. Maybe you're supposed to use the vinegar and then follow with the baking soda?


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          Re: Cleaning Aluminum

          whats a soap flake????????????????


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            Re: Cleaning Aluminum

            "ivory snow" is a common soap flake, was widely used for laundry before detergents, still used by some for baby clothes, less irritating ...


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              Re: Cleaning Aluminum

              did you know steel wool will impregnate the aluminum with the steel and cause a faster galvanic reaction? a scotch brite pad may work better


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                Re: Cleaning Aluminum

                If you are wanting to clean and protect the aluminum, you might want to try this product called "Simichrome".

                It will make mill finish aluminum bright and shine. Only takes a very small amount and will go a very long way. Works on all metals. If you have a high speed buffer with a soft pad... Works even better!

                It will take bluing off chrome headers. You can find it at some motorcyle shops or order it on line.


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                  Re: Cleaning Aluminum

                  There is no magic wand, if you want it to look nice you are gonna have to grease your elbows and get down to it.

                  Most of the spray on, wash off aluminum cleaners I have seen leave a streaky finish because the metal isn't oxidized the same every where.

                  I have seen polished boats and the look really cool as soon as you finish them, not so much after they are used, shiny polished aliminum takes alot of work to maintain so if you don't want to put in the time to keep it up I would go with a matte finish, better yet use the Scotch Brite and Cats formula.

                  Get some Scotch Brite super fine pads and plain water and start buffing in a straigh line front to back, this will grain the aluminum and make it look really nice and it last longer than a polish.

                  If you want to do it once get some Shark Hide protectant.
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                    Re: Cleaning Aluminum

                    I have had good luck with 3M Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish.
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