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1987 Evinrude XP150

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  • 1987 Evinrude XP150

    I have just purchased a boat with a 1987 Evinrude 150 XP Model#E150STLCUR. The main part of the motor and hood are Dark Evinrude blue with the following exceptions. The top of the hood is light Evinrude blue and the lower unit is light Evinrude blue. Is the correct for this year? I have seen a few other 150XP's and the lower unit is dark Evinrude blue. Would it be correct to assume that the lower unit has been changed or swapped out? Did the XP models have a different lower unit than standard 150's? Was the gearing the same? Was the XP lower unit more aerodynamic? Just curious, any input would be greatly appreciate.

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    Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

    Never know about the paint, or even if a lower unit has been replaced...CU is 1987 though..


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      Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

      The XP/GT's had the same gearcase as the standard models. There was a year that the gearcases were polished by Last Chance....er....I mean Second Effort.


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        Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

        Thanks for the response. While I have your attention. Would you be able to tell me what differences if any are the between and XP or GT 150 and the standard 150? Also what's the pros and cons crossflow versus loop charged.


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          Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

          The difference between the crossflow XP/GT and the standard 150 is mainly cosmetic. There are some performance differnces. Some 150 XP/GT's had 200 port timing, or real close to it. The heads are different and have really good chambers.Dont even try to compare a crossflow to a looper. The looper makes more torque, stock, than a modified crossflow ever will. As a crossflow the 150 XP is a real decent motor but its not a looper.


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            Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

            Thanks for the response again. Just curious as to why OMC left the 150 and 175 of that era as crossflows and the larger 200+ engines went to loopers. I previously had a 1986 120hp looper. I was aware of this crossflow/looper thing until I purchased the 1987 XP150. I was suprised to see that the 88's, 90's 110's 112's and 115's were crossflows and the 120 and 140 were loopers.


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              Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

              In 1991 they brought out the 150 / 175 loopers and the 150 / 175 cfs were discontinued as of 92.


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                Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

                Dhadley, would you be able to tell me in a nut shell the difference between a cross flow engine and a looper? I know that I have a cross flow now and I used to have a looper, I'm just curious as to how they differ. Did the 150's and 175's change to loopers when the 60 degree power head come out? Do you know why the 150 and 175 were the last V6's to go looper? I thank you in advance for consideration of my questions.


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                  Re: 1987 Evinrude XP150

                  OMC came out with their big loopers in '85 as a 120/140 V-4 and a 275/300 V-8. They shared the same bore/stroke just had more or less cyl. The cross-charged 150/185/235 remained, In '86 the V-6 version of the looped-charged V-4/V-8's were intoduced. The 150 (149 CID) and the 175 (160 CID) cross-charged engine remained. The V-6 loopers were to heavy for the 150/175 ratings and the V-4 would be pushed to acheive the ratings. OMC new they need an engine (looper) that would fit in this range so the 60 degree loopers were introduced in the early 90's the later to cyl were loped off and a new loop charged 90/115 V-4 were made using the block geometry of the 150/175.
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