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solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

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  • solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

    hello, i hate points. let me first say that !!!anybody have any knowledge of wether or not these concersion kits "work"? i am thinking about putting a set of these on my 1972 evinrude 6hp, mostly for ****$ and giggles. but i also hate points. ive heard they are more reliable. [IMG]http://www.***************/images/full/15271a_f.jpg[/IMG] here is the link to the product at *************** web page

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    Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

    Mike, if you do try them out tell us how the work out for you. I suspect that they don't, but I don't know for sure: IBoats discussionPuget Sound Anglers 9.9hp fixup page comment:
    One comment here on the electronic conversion kit. This total conversion would require 2, as the kit is for only one set of points I am told. My pricing was quoted at about $50 each. Also from the experience of a marine dealer that says it does not work well if it is being used for trolling, as it appears the RPM is to low to give adequate ignition.
    (Full article) Now, that's a little different ignition system than your 6 has, so it may not apply.Just make sure you can return em if you need to. When I was looking a while ago, I could hardly find anyone who had used them at all on the J/E universal magneto...


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      Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

      Personally, I'd leave the points in there. IMO points are the simplest most "no brainer" ignition there is. Easy to fix, easy to troubleshoot, and cheap. So what if you have to adjust them every once in a while. I haven't heard much about them but, one thing I don't like about that kit... Are those wire nuts?!They've got to be kidding, in a marine application... Not in my boat!


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        Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

        I have an old Westbend 3.5 hp Shrimp outboard. On one fishing trip years ago my points broke and didn't have a spare set. Later at home, I put on the little red unit you show in your pic. That was over 25 years ago. The engine still runs like a clock. I hate points too.


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          Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

          I really like the house wiring nuts. Makes one ponder what else might not be made for the marine invironment....


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            Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

            It amazes me that people still think they are better off with points because they are "fixable".While that may have been true 20 years ago, solid state systems just don't break anymore. The probabilty of having a failure you can't get home from is far higher with a points-condenser system and my take is you gotta play the odds.


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              Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

              fellas , fellas, fellas.... this kit is made by seirra, a wel known name/ maker of marine parts. i cant explain the wiore nuts, but they make and exact fit replacement pack for the 2 cylinder omc motors. thats what i plan to use it on.thank you all for your input.out.m ike


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                Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

                I completely agree with Swist - and if Mike reports they work good, I'll order a set too.My problem with them is this:Chrysler Magnatune Module - 18-5100 Johnson/Evinrude Module - 18-5100McCulloch Module - 18-5100 Mercury Module - 18-5100The J/E magneto coils employ 3 poles, where I understand the rest use 2 pole coils. It may be just me, but I can't really see how they would work. (eg, trigger at the right time. And another small technical point - the switching resistance of the module must be extremely low on the J/E system)


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                  Re: solid state ignition VS. points/ condensors

                  Ok, I've been convinced they are the best things to come around since sliced bread. Just do me one favor... try and find something better than wire nuts when you perform the installation.